Professionals in Pakistan are most concerned about inflation and the possibility of a worldwide economic slump. The workplace has undergone the most significant change in a generation, and a new age has begun. In Pakistan, 55% of financial professionals anticipate changing jobs in the coming year, and another 26% in the following two years.

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) new annual Global Talent Trends Survey 2023 offers a distinctive and crucial perspective on how people currently feel about working in the profession. It is one of the largest surveys ever conducted throughout the accountancy profession.

We surveyed over 8,000 professional accountants from 148 nations, including Pakistan, to learn about their career goals and worries about the future of work. Key workplace concerns like employee engagement, well-being, and attitudes toward technology adoption were also evaluated by the poll.

The study reveals a talent shortage for businesses as they battle to keep employees with lofty career mobility goals and an eye on their next position. The main concerns for workers in Pakistan right now are inflation, health, job prospects, and the possibility of a worldwide economic slump.

According to the poll, a career in accounting is still a wise choice for anyone looking for long-term career prospects and opportunities to continuously learn new skills in an era of major workforce change and a difficult global economic environment. It furthers the idea that selecting accountancy leads to a career with options and freedom to be able to obtain a professional certificate that allows for cross-sectoral and worldwide mobility.

In Pakistan, hybrid working is very much still a “work in progress,” with 75% of respondents saying they still work full-time in an office. Pakistan performs highly in terms of inclusion indicators, with 70% of respondents believing that their workplace culture is inclusive, compared to a global average of 68%.

Employers are changing and experimenting with new ways of working across the workforce as a result of a potential talent shortage, according to Jamie Lyon, Head of Skills, Sectors, and Technology at ACCA. The two things that draw people to an organization most—career advancement and compensation—are also the two things that have the biggest impact on their decisions to quit.

A strong economy in Pakistan depends on attracting the next generation of talent to the accountancy profession, according to Assad Hameed Khan, head of ACCA Pakistan. This poll makes sure that the opinions of those who are studying and working in the field are heard and that the industry contributes to the development of a workplace where today’s professionals flourish and where tomorrow’s talent wants to work.

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