cold weather burns fat
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When the weather gets colder, we all want to skip the jog, the run or the home workout. However, recent studies have shown you might just be losing out on extra fat burns!

Colder Weather Can Burn More Fat

A new study has shown that exercising in colder temperatures can help burn more fat. At least it can do that in short, high-intensity workouts.

In a study, 11 “moderately fit, overweight” adult volunteers were chosen for observation of their lipid oxidation – the technical term for burning fat. The study showed that this increased by more than three times during exercise in a colder environment of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. As opposed to in “thermoneutral” environment of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) which was lesser.

cold weather burns fat
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Point being, people lost more fat when exercising in colder weather!

How Did They Reach A Conclusion?

It started with taking the participants through a set of standard workouts for high-intensity interval exercise (HIIE), also known (HIIT), at various temperatures. 

Researchers from Laurentian University in Canada remark, “This is the first known study to investigate the effects of cold ambient temperatures on acute metabolism. Especially during high-intensity interval exercise, as well as postprandial metabolism the next day.” 

cold weather burns fat
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The researchers basically observed that HIIT workouts in a cold environment change metabolism. It is done acutely as opposed to doing the workouts in thermoneutral temperatures. When our bodies get active, they become more able to process nutrients and regular lipid or fat levels in the blood.

What Was Found?

cold weather burns fat
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Due to the limited number of volunteers, no sweeping statements can be made. However, the researchers suggest it is an interesting point, to begin with. It was never thought before that the temperature could have any effect on the burn of fat during high-intensity workouts.

Previous studies have although shown that HIIE is very effective at burning off fat. Moreover, a link is established between body metabolism after exercise and how hot or cold the environment is. This new study, however, combines those two fields of research to look for further correlations and suggestions.

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