Rising from the ground up, the story of ABTACH speaks about the unshakeable determination and a progressive strategic planning of its founders.


Mr. Azneem Bilwani introduced ABTACH Ltd in 2014 to the IT industry of Pakistan. His motto was to open new opportunities in the IT sector to which he firmly withstood.

An unparalleled business mantra of transforming the industry with a zeal of innovation and prosperity tugged the venture to go ahead of the curve in a span of three years. ABTACH prides itself in providing state-of-art IT products and services with the expert assistance of its competent team of digital virtuosos. The experienced professionals offer round-the-clock services committed to meet the unique needs of its valued customers.

“ABTACH Ltd is a catalyst taking information technology in Pakistan to new limits with the aim of enhancing the lives of our talented employees. “- Azneem Bilwani (CEO of ABTACH)

When witnessing the far-stretching success of ABTACH, the name Mr. Salman Yousuf, appears to top its wall of fame. His shrewdness and acuity made it possible to bring the firm in the top charts of the industry. From opening an office in Karachi, Pakistan to stretching its wings to far ends of the globe, he invested his utmost dedication, followed by the result-driven approach and established offices in major regions in the world, namely UAE, US, UK, and China.

The IT export of Pakistan was facing a downfall in the year 2012-13; however, with the advent of ABTACH Ltd not only the stats begin to improve but the entire sector boomed with advancement in various domains of information technology. A major shift was seen with its contribution to the industry that soared the GDP from 0.13 in 2012 to 0.92 in 2014 to 1.50 in 2017.


Source: Pakistan Economist

A Graphical Illustration to Depict the Rise in IT Exports


Source: The Global Economy 

To arm up its tech-forces ABTACH, one of the leading contributors to bring such a massive change in the IT exports, introduced eWorldTrade. Making the unpredictable happen, eWorldTrade, a China-based B2B marketplace is thriving superfast under the superior leadership of Mr. Salman Yousuf who has provided the world with the safest platform to shop.

Being a premier digital trading platform it brings potential buyers and reliable sellers closer. It provides an opportunity for global buyers to browse the products that belong to a wide range of industries from apparel to food and beverages, lights and lighting to minerals and metallurgy. With an exceptional user interface and a seamless customer-centric platform, eWorldTrade, a progressive business voyage caters incredible services to customers belonging to every corner of the world.

Globally recognized as one of the leading entity in the e-commerce business, it has country-centric portals in 18 regions that include US, Hong Kong, UK, and Vietnam. With such an outreach to success, ABTACH and eWorldTrade, the two tech giants have been counted among the major powerhouses of information and technology in Pakistan.

“The time is not far when the stats of Pakistan’s IT exports will share the limelight with those of today’s leading countries.”- Salman Yousuf (COO of ABTACH)

As per the Economic Survey of Pakistan, for the year 2016-17, Pakistan’s IT exports have estimated to be over $2.8 billion annually, in accordance with the estimates put forward by the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB). Additionally, the annual domestic revenue of IT sector is hovering around $500 million.

Moreover, in an attempt to build strong, collaborative and inclusive relationships with cross-border companies and organizations, Mr. Salman Yousuf introduces the company on multiple reputable platforms.

In the year 2017, he took eWorldTrade to the “First Global Cross-border E-commerce Conference” that was held in Beijing. Over 2000 reputable and operational experts in various fields were part of the conference and gathered to discuss the possibilities to unlock greater opportunities in the international market.

Furthermore, from September 24 – 27, 2018, he led ABTACH to the “Second Annual ICT Forum 2018,” which was held in Toronto. The Pakistan High Commission in Canada and the Government of Canada along with its key members supported the Canada- Pakistan ICT Forum. With its main objectives to discover a broader scope for businesses and to create better opportunities, the forum invited some prominent names of Pakistan’s tech world and those of Canada.

A firm with such inspiring qualities and spark of greatness would be impossible to build without the far-sightedness of Mr. Azneen Bilwani and the untiring efforts of its diligent employees. ABTACH has handpicked creative designers, developers, and marketers who possess the right set of expertise and profound knowledge about the ins and outs of the market. The experts offer engaging graphic designs, interactive video animation, and ultra-responsive websites to assist brands to succeed.

A progressive career path for employees and enhanced IT exports- the two prime focuses of its founding members. ABTACH, being a well-known entity in Pakistan is a pioneer of excellence. Its founders strive not only to deliver high-quality services to prospective customers but also to enhance the living standards of its skilled employees. From prosperous company policies to creating a friendly and successful office culture, the firm considers employees as a family. This includes offering an exceptional employment package with health and life insurance to make sure that its workforce stays happy and fully satisfied.

The interesting journey of ABTACH Ltd and its invincible success showcase the passion and devotion lying in the heart of its leaders and their team. The firm has taught us that you alone can’t build an empire. You need an empowering leader and an army full of dedicated and skilled experts who join hands for raising the bar higher. The company’s years of excellence and propelling business agenda make it the best place to give your dreams a perfect reality.