Assan te jana ae Billo de ghar, kinne kinne jana ae Billo de ghar!

Every Pakistani recognizes these lyrics in a jiffy! They belong to the widely popular track ‘Billo’ by the one and only Abrar-ul-Haq.


With a fascinating set of vocals, Abrar has entertained Pakistan with hit after hit. He has songs like ‘Nach Punjaban’, ‘Tere Rang Rang’, ‘Preeto’, and plenty more.

However, Abrar recently became a viral social media sensation because of a Tweet he had posted.

It reads:

Lahore Lahore aye per Karachi di gal vi kuj hor aye..

This tweet ignited a war between Lahoris and Karachiites and started a MASSIVE debate. Some of the responses will surprise you while others took his tweet to heart.

However, Karachi and Pakistan’s favorite brand, Careem, jumped into the conversation.

Suddenly, Abrar shared a video getting a desi foot massage and laughing. But what was even more interesting is that Abrar tagged Careem in the tweet and asked if they should spill the beans.

Careem responded back to the crooner with a classic response.


Following this, Careem released the video which created massive hype and conversation on social media.

In its latest campaign, Careem wants Pakistanis to #ExploreKarachi with none other than our very own Abrar-ul-Haq.

The video is all about how Karachi is an inclusive city where diversity is welcomed with open arms.

From visiting Lyari to eating a delicious piping hot plate of Biryani, Abrar meets people coming from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Karachi is the city which is enriched with culture, colors, and everything which makes us Pakistani.

We will not be surprised if it becomes the city’s official anthem!

Over the years, the city has become a popular tourist destination as well and has caught the attention of foreign media who have deemed it one of the must-visit destinations for travelers.

Careem has made it their responsibility to travel across Pakistan to show how beautiful our country actually is and that each city has something special to offer.

They saved the best for last, humara Karachi!