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Abdul Razzaq, the former Pakistani cricket player, has sparked upset among Indian cricket fans once more. This time, it’s because of his recent remarks about India’s loss in the World Cup 2023.

Unsettling Comments on India’s Loss

Razzaq appeared on the show ‘Hasna Mana Hay,’ hosted by Tabish Hashmi, where he commented that in the face-off between Australia and India, “cricket won and India lost.” These words triggered dissatisfaction among Indian cricket enthusiasts.

Standing by his words despite the backlash, Razzaq defended his viewpoint, highlighting that the match conditions favored Australia. He expressed his surprise at the poor pitch quality for an ICC final, believing it heavily favored the Aussies.

Razzaq firmly believed that India’s defeat held a lesson for the cricketing world. He emphasized the significance of bravery, performance, and effort in the sport, suggesting that India’s loss revealed these essential aspects.

India’s Dominance and Australia’s Triumph

India had an impressive winning streak throughout the World Cup 2023, triumphing in all ten matches leading up to the final showdown. However, it was Australia’s strategic performance that secured their victory in the final, ultimately claiming the prestigious trophy.

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This isn’t the first time Abdul Razzaq has found himself amidst controversy involving India. Earlier, he had made derogatory remarks about Indian actress Aishwarya Rai, which stirred a similar storm of criticism from Indian fans.

While Razzaq’s comments continue to stir debate and dissatisfaction among Indian cricket enthusiasts, the focus remains on the outcomes of the World Cup. Australia’s strategic prowess outshined India’s unbeaten run, leading to their championship victory in the thrilling final match.

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