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BOL News has announced the addition of a new analyst to their popular show “Ab Pata Chala”. Syed Muzammil Shah, a well-known Political Scientist, has joined the show to provide his expert analysis on a range of topics.

Hosted by Pakistani journalist and lawyer, Usama Ghazi, “Ab Pata Chala” is a daily news show that airs on BOL News at 7:00 PM from Monday to Friday. The show is known for its in-depth coverage of current affairs, politics, and breaking news.

Syed Muzammil Shah is a great addition to the show’s already impressive team of journalists and analysts. With his extensive experience in media, having worked previously in media channels like GNN, Neo TV, Channel 5, Capital TV, and more, he brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the table.

Aside from being a Political Scientist, Syed Muzammil Shah is also a Philosophy enthusiast, a Vlogger, a writer and a social critic. His unique perspective and insights will certainly add a fresh and valuable element to the show.

The addition of Syed Muzammil Shah to “Ab Pata Chala” is sure to attract even more viewers to the show. His expertise in the field of politics and current affairs is well respected in the industry and his contributions to the show are sure to be invaluable.

BOL News, known for its unbiased reporting and in-depth analysis of the latest news, has yet again made a smart move by bringing on board a top analyst like Syed Muzammil Shah. With his addition, “Ab Pata Chala” is set to become an even more insightful and informative news show.

In conclusion, the addition of Syed Muzammil Shah to “Ab Pata Chala” is a welcome one for viewers and fans of BOL News. With his extensive experience and unique perspective, he is sure to provide an even more valuable analysis on the latest news and current affairs. It’s an exciting time for BOL News and we can’t wait to see what Syed Muzammil Shah brings to the show.

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