Aamir Liaquat’s Subliminal Tweet Has Got Everyone Saying ‘Haraam’

aamir liaquat
Image Source: BBC

Aamir Liaquat has experienced his fair share of hate, but he truly is a gift that keeps giving. His latest tweet will revolt you but also amuse you— choose your poison!

Double Entendre Tweets

He tweeted something truly remarkable because when you read the first sentence, you’re appalled at the audacity but then comes the punchline. See for yourself!

 Everyone believes what the tweet actually might have meant— the hidden meaning is a dirty message that refers to “the size of the thing.” And the fact that he’s deliberately led with this sentence and added the second after a pause is proof enough he meant it. Need we comment further on the choice of the emoji also?

Twitter Reacts

This tweet has gone viral and has invoked different responses. While some are continuing the joke forward, others are disgusted, and the rest are laughing. Check out some of the reactions here:

 The Veiled Religiosity

We don’t have the license to judge anyone and their relationship with their religion. That’s true. However, using practical examples and rationale, one can compare what people convey and what their reality often is. Aamir Liaquat has been a host of an Islamic show for as long as we can remember. Then he went ahead and had an affair, after which he had his second marriage.

Now even generally, would someone who holds themself as so religious make a tweet like this? We refuse to believe he had no idea about what he was saying or that was unintentional. Even if it was the latter, he could have deleted after he saw all the reacts?

Why This Should Be Deleted

As memes go, the best time to delete that tweet was when it was thought of, and the second-best is now. In a country where rape cases are rampant, and the female gender is sexualized regardless of age, we don’t need “influential” people to be making dirty tweets. What this does is that it starts a debate on sexual matters, making it extraordinarily casual and familiar. It’s wrong.

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