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Aamir Liaquat is certainly going through a lot ever since this Ramadan. Not only was he involved in questionable acts on the show, but he was also put in the spotlight when a few actresses called him out. It was during that time that Haniya Khan also emerged.

Haniya Khan – Alleged Third wife

Haniya claimed that she was Aamir’s third wife. After many scandals, she has taken a back seat as well. The media does not get shaken up after her new videos anymore. But that does not mean that same is the case with Aamir. With Aamir Liaquat, rumors can start with the mere analysis of his Instagram account. Just because you won’t see any pictures of or with Tuba, people started speculating that the marriage may be in trouble.

bushra aamir liaquat
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Plus, Bushra, Aamir Liaquat’s ex-wife also took to Twitter that he divorced her because his second wife asked him to. And now, since a new woman has entered the rumor box, people started to reason that she might influence Aamir to divorce Tuba.

Cashing on these speculations, a blog took to Twitter announcing Aamir Liaquat’s divorce. It is highly likely that this was a clickbait tactic to attract traffic.

aamir liaquat
Image Source: Twitter

Aamir Liaquat responds

Aamir Liaquat came across this tweet and lost his cool entirely. One does not know what he got angry at; the blog saying that it was Aamir Liaquat himself who confirmed it or that the news was fake. But the word he called them out with showed his anger. He even threatened to take this to court.

Do you think that he would really take this to court?

Let’s see how the situation will progress further. And let’s see if Tuba will clear the confusion or not. Until then, let’s wait for the next controversy because when Aamir bhai is concerned, controversies are right around the corner.

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