Aagha Ali’s talents stretch beyond acting. He is also a renowned singer, presenter, and writer. After appearing in a comedy special “Mazak Raat” Aagha made some bold statements regarding what women want these days, and it wasn’t love.

After claiming to know exactly what women want in a man, and then explaining how he suggests every man to work for that exactly, the actor is facing backlash.

Aagha Ali Claims Women Don’t Want Love

The conversation that led to the actor making such a bold statement began with a question thrown his way. When he was asked, how do you become a patient man, after being in love, the actor replied, by waiting.

Aagha Ali then shared a scenario explaining, if a boy is honestly in love. If is putting all his efforts into the relationship and is fully invested in it, then definitely something bad will happen to him. Everyone laughed at this joke.

Here’s the interview:

He then continued, that this is the case because that’s not all women want these days. He was smart enough to mention right in the beginning that not everyone will be fond of what I’m about to say, however, it’s the fact. The actor maintained, “Women these days want a certain level of luxury and security.”

Additionally, he also mentioned that this is the reason why he encourages men to get settled first. Make a name for themselves, have some money in their pocket, and then go out looking for love.

Though it seems the singers’ words came from experience, the public was not a fan.

Here are some of the comments:

Aagha ali faces backlash

Some people even brought up how Aagha is not in the position to be giving such advice given his divorce. The backlash came from women who didn’t agree and were confused as to why he was speaking on their behalf, especially as a man.

Needless to say, many people appreciated what he said and considered it factual.

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