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Using social media to find jobs has become the new normal in the increasingly digitized world. Not to mention, a lot of people have lost their jobs to the pandemic, which makes them more inclined to finding jobs on almost any forum they can find. This is exactly how people tumbled across this fake job ad. Some people may have fallen to this scam, but others caught it, and they are finding it hilarious.

Fake job ad

Using the name of Coca-Cola, this phishing scam makes their fake job ad as believable as one can. At a glance, anyone would fall for it.

Why? Because of the name of the page they posted it with, it used the exact spelling without any typos. Moreover, the color scheme they use in the design follows the font consistent with the brand. Does it not look like it?

Fake job ad

Picking mistakes

But when it comes to looking for jobs, we should be extremely careful. While this fake job ad does look convincing, we have to give it more than one glance.

After that glance, when we move on to reading the text, we begin seeing issues.

In the second line, we find the phrase, “most famous second-grade companies.” Would Coca-Cola or any good brand ever call itself second grade? No.

In the third sentence, we can also see the brand name misspelled. It reads, Cocca Colla. A brand would NEVER misspell their name; employees would get fired for it.

Throughout the copy, you can also pick up grammar mistakes.

But the best of all is the website address which is not a legit one, rather a Blogspot address.

Netizens see it

Netizens saw this and realized it was a phishing scam. Please have a look at what they had to say.

Fake job ad Fake job ad

Of course, those who may have fallen for this scam and given their data readily became victims to it. So the world which has given so much voice to social media should also ensure regulations on these platforms when it comes to job postings.

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