karachi fish eatery

A roadside eatery in Karachi’s FB Area is serving its customers seafood in a very unique way.

The customer not only gets to watch their fish being caught, cut and cooked in front of them, but they are a part of the entire process.

The customer simply has to tell the helper which fish they would like to enjoy in this chilly weather. The helper then catches a live fish from the tank, it is then cooked and served in front of the customer.

Whatever stock we have is super fresh,” said one of the people who worked at the eatery. “What I mean is, we provide you fish from the sea straight to your plate.

A fish-lover shared that one of the reasons why they enjoy coming to this restaurant is because of its unique method of serving.

You can select a live fish here and they will make it for you. This is why we come here.

Another customer added that the food served at the eatery is completely organic and that they provide you the fish you select, whereas other restaurants serve you something completely different.

One of the employees shared that the eatery serves tuna, surmayi and barracuda fishes too.

Are you going to enjoy fresh hot fish in the chilly weather? Try this eatery and let us know about your experience!

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