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We are often told that violence is not the answer. There are ideas that revolve around the concept of us not restoring to violence as a measure. If we think about how many people are a victim of violence everyday, the numbers will leave out jaw dropped.

However, two schools of thought can be seen in this area. The second one states that, while violence is not necessary, one must prepare. It also states that, sometimes, there may not be a lot of viable options available and one may have to resort to self defense.

PID Pakistan

So, countries, today, keep various forms of defense systems to prevent attacks from terrorists. There are air, land and marine defense systems. Each one guards regions respective to their authority. In light of this, Pakistan is set to get a new Air Defense System!

New Air Defense System For Pakistan
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Protecting The Borders:

Not everyone is behind the concept of preparing for warfare. It can be seen that the production of nuclear weapons is an indication of a threat. Pakistan was merely trying to generate power through Nuclear and the US slapped an embargo on it. It lasted for quite a while.

Pakistan is a country that is known for the armed forces that stand at it’s borders. The SSG soldiers are some of the most impressive and professional groups in the world. When all else fails, that is when SSG Commandos enter. Similarly, the country’s Air Defense System is strong. However, it’s about to get stronger!

The New Air Defense:

Recently, while addressing a meeting, the air chief said that Pakistan is going to see a new Air Defense System. It is set to be integrated within the Pakistan Air Force before the year is up. There have been many incidents over the recent years. Some of those include the presence of armed forces. You must all remember the air plane pilot who sat at tea with us.

Additionally, the chief also stated that they will be celebrating an anniversary. It will be the 25th one of the Mirage aircraft. If you look it up on Google or YouTube, you can find quite a lot of information as to it’s specs. He also added that JF-17 Block III fighter jets will be a part of PAF soon too!

Defense system for Pakistam
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Future Of Ordnance And Warfare:

Despite everything, we must keep in mind that this system should be meant for defense. We should not be the ones to draw first blood in a conflict. It can turn the tides in the battle if one is at the defending end rather than the attacking one. The tactics are smoother.

We hope there is no negative impact to the deployment of this new Air Defense System. After all, a human’s life is often spent in the pursuit of peace. We cannot achieve that if we don’t try to overcome our primal nature of war. Let us see what other advancements lie in store for Pakistan’s defense. Additionally, this advancement shoes innovation. Maybe the system can have other applications too.

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PID Pakistan