Bake Parlor has been a part of Pakistan’s food industry for a very long time by maintaining its excellent food standards. With the largest flour mills in the country, the company is mostly known for pasta items. However, they also offer multiple products ranging from sauces to syrups, ketchups, snacks, and much more.

While the pandemic has disturbed the planet, leaving the whole world in chaos, Bake Parlor is trying to bring back those smiles by delivering happiness through its amazing range of products.

Bake Parlor Noodle Soup

The introduction of Bake Parlor’s Noodle Soup Range has brought a crazy yummy twist to the market. Looking at how everyone drank those boring dull soups before, the real catch of Bake Parlors Noodle Soup Range is its noodles itself, which gives a very unique and amazing combination to the flavor. It’s healthy, hygienic, and can be made at home. So obviously, it is loved by everyone but especially kids.

 Recipe Range

Bake Parlor recipe mixes have been the talk of the town for a very long time now. Known for its 26 different flavors of fun, Bake Parlor is able to satisfy extreme hunger pangs earning it the label of ‘Real mood booster’.

What makes the brand even more stimulating is that its recipe range includes Chinese, European, and Burmese flavors but with a local touch. So you will be able to get an experience that incorporates within, the Pakistan’s local cuisines.

The Pasta Expert 

Bake Parlor has become the true pasta expert over the last 20 years. Having brought flavors from around the world, the brand has become a household name for majority of Pakistanis. Some of those products that are categorized as favorites are Chicken Chilli Spaghetti, Hot and Sour Noodles, Khowsuey, Chicken Lasagna, Achari Macaroni, Chicken Lasagna, and Tikka Macaroni; not to forget the varying shaped pasta and a lot more. And all this is produced in state-of-the-art plants using the purest white wheat flour that comes from its own flour mills.

Bake Parlor Is Always At The Forefront Of Events That Encourage Talented And Skilled People.

Sweet Bites Festivals 

Bake Parlor has been organizing different BTL activities to engage the consumers keeping in mind safety precautions. One of the festivals were Sweet Bites Festival which was sponsored by Bake Parlor at Lucky One. It gave consumers the space to have fun considering the pandemic had been really hard on all of us.

The event had multiple games, competitions, and quizzes. The competition was held amongst trainee chefs to boost up their confidence. At the end of the competition, Bake Parlor distributed numerous gift hampers. The lively event ensured that the audience enjoyed its time as well by arranging for them product-sampling activities.

Women’s Day

With everyone around the world celebrating women’s day in their own way, so did Bake Parlor. They organized ‘‘One Day Cooking Class’’ with Chef Asad at Rangoonwala Karachi to help women further polish their skillsets. What is commendable about Bake Parlor is that it doesn’t portray itself as a brand that aims to ‘make’ women strong because they believe women already are strong. Rather it’s about changing how the strength is perceived.

Fusion Cuisine

Bake Parlor presented a show named Fusion Cuisine by Naheed Ansari where they promoted healthy ways of living without worrying about your health or hygiene. Naheed Ansari invited accredited health professionals from the industry and talked about ways of eating healthy and hygienic food. Some cute kid-chefs were also invited making the show filled with fun.

Host With Dost 

“Host with Dost” had a fun concept. It was a cooking show where different celebrities were invited alongside Chef Gulzar. In a pandemic infused time where people were trapped in their houses, this show provided enjoyment as well as the opportunity for them to learn new recipes that the celebrities’ guests cooked with the famous chef.

Chef Gulzar has been in the cooking industry for decades and in association with Bake Parlor for quite some time. The Chef has been a part of various Bake Parlor’s shows and events. What’s even more interesting is that Host with Dost remained interactive throughout its running. With multiple quizzes and competitions held on social media, the consumers always remained hooked and at the edge of their seats.

Chef Hunt 

Without break, once again! Bake Parlor is ready with its Masala Chef Hunt.

Over the years, Masala Chef Hunts has brought forward kitchen stars. The show represents that good, or rather great, food has the mystic ability to encourage people.

Ramadan Campaign

For its Ramadan campaign, Bake Parlor has introduced consumer promotion for Ramadan that allows consumers to save up. Titled “Bake Parlor Ki Barri Bachat” campaign, the brand is ready to greet Ramadan with full flavor.

Another plan that the brand has for Ramadan is a cooking show named Iftar Mazaydar which will be aired on digital platforms in Ramadan.

Now you know, what to do when you are in the mood to eat something fancy but healthy and have a wholesome experience along with it. So enjoy its magical flavors with your family members but of course, while you do that, don’t forget to follow the COVID SOPs because the pandemic is still out there.