The British Broadcasting Corporation BBC has now taken action against Chris Hughes and if you’re guessing that it’s because of something unprofessional he did while live broadcasting, it’s not. I mean it was unprofessional but a different kind of unprofessional, let’s say he let the man inside of him get the best of him at the wrong time.

While interviewing Australian all-rounder Maitlan Brown from the Southern Brave team during The Hundred tournament coverage, Hughes referred to her as “a little Barbie.” This comment sparked widespread criticism from viewers and cricket enthusiasts.

Maitlan Brown shared how her team bonded over watching the movie “Barbie” ahead of the tournament. In response, Hughes quipped, “You’re a little Barbie yourself, aren’t you, with your blue eyes.” As Brown laughed, he added, “She’s blushing now.” 

Was It Really That Bad?

Social media soon exploded with backlash against Hughes’ remarks, calling them sexist and inappropriate. The BBC immediately addressed the issue, stating that they had counseled Hughes and reaffirmed that such comments were unsuitable for broadcast. But was it really that bad? It is not the first time a flirty moment on the field has been caught by the camera, so was it just blown way out of proportion or was it really that big of a deal? Here are some responses.

Despite his background in cricket and experience as a presenter for live horse racing coverage on ITV, Hughes’ recent remarks have sparked concerns about portraying female athletes in the media. This incident could be a poignant reminder of the significance of respectful and gender-sensitive language in sports media because it highlights the need for broadcasters and presenters to be mindful of their words and refrain from perpetuating stereotypes or objectifying athletes, regardless of gender. But let’s be honest, a little friendly banter never hurt anyone!

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