car tyre theft Islamabad
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We humans often come across events in our lives that influence us in some way. These influences can be positive or negative, both. When you see someone helping out another person, your heart may fill with warmth. This, in turn, may just be a motivation for you to replicate the act. There is nothing wrong with trying to replicate a good deed or having good intentions behind it.

However, motive counts a lot. If ever a crime occurs in any place, they look for the motive. What motivated the person to do what they did. Maybe the robber took the bank because they were heavily in debt. What if the person who killed another was doing it in an act of self-defence? Similarly, an incident has occurred in Islamabad which causes one to think about the criminal’s motives!

Islamabad thief steals tyres
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Out Of Desperation:

Now, this can be one of the most influenced reasons for committing a crime. There are times when people find themselves in difficult situations. These situations can be too trying and may cause the person not to explore alternatives. In such a case, the most outstanding means of work runs through a person’s mind.

An act out of desperation may not always have the most sinister intentions behind it. Of course, it is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, but those intentions don’t always lead to fault. In recent news, a news person from Islamabad had the wheels of their vehicle stolen! Yes, someone came and took off with all the wheels.

A Humble Thief:

However, in reference to the crime above, there is one thing to be noted. The thief left something behind. No, we are not talking about calling cards left by thieves from movies. This person left behind a note for the owner of the car. The note stated quite a lot of interesting things.

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One of the most mentioned parts is that the person kept apologizing for stealing the tires. The note then discusses that the person has a family and is doing this out of sheer desperation. This shows that maybe the person did this with the stoutest heart. We don’t know what may be going through their life. The note ends with them pleading with the owner not to wish ill of them.

Islamabad stolen tyres by thief
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Jumping To Conclusions:

This news has had quite a lot of different opinions from people. Some are in awe of the person responsible, while others are bashing their actions. Desperation indeed makes us do such acts, but we must always try to get a grip on our impulses. It is easier to walk into a bank with a gun than earn that amount over time.

We hope that not a lot of damage was done to the owner of the car. After all, we don’t know their life circumstances either. They may find it difficult to replace all the tires, which can be costly. However, one thing is interesting. There is always a chance that the Islamabad thief may return the belongings

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