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Coca-Cola looks to be preparing a new cooperation with an established smartphone manufacturer, which may be the newest entry to the list of “strange phones from unexpected companies.” A rendering of the Cola phone has gone viral online, showing a dual camera configuration, the recognizable red hue and the emblem of the fizzy drink brand.

Perhaps not many people are interested in the thought of a phone having Coca-Cola branding on it. But a recent research indicates that it’s still happening.

Rumors or what?

According to leaker Mukul Sharma, who said on Twitter that the Coca-Cola-branded phone will be released this quarter, it will be available relatively soon. According to the tweet, in order to get the product to market, the sugar water firm is collaborating with a business that is better experienced in producing phones.

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There is a real Cola-phone Global Twitter account that is followed by 8 additional accounts belonging to different smartphone manufacturers. One of the speculative scenarios is that the Cola phone will be a renamed member of the Realme 10 series, most likely the stock realme 10 model. In India, the Cola phone should soon go on sale.

A new marketing strategy

Coca-Cola is one of the most well-known brands in the world, therefore it’s safe to say that it has some knowledge of effective international marketing. Despite being over a century old, Coke continues to dominate the market in terms of product sales, marketing, and brand positioning.

With that being said, the brand has decided to launch its phone in India first, catering to a market of over 1.5 billion people. The idea of launching a phone is not to enter the phone market which is infested by many big fishes such as apple, Samsung, Oppo and many others but as a part of a marketing and branding strategy.

From what we know, the phone is pretty basic and is also being heavily compared to realme designs but it fulfills the purpose of creating a buzz in the air. It is a part of the numerous successful campaigns run by the company such as “Share a coke” which was a huge success, now the question arises how will this move from Coca-Cola play out?

What do you think of this potential alliance and the phone with the Coca-Cola theme? Comment your thoughts.

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