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Haq Meher remains one of the clauses in the Nikkahnama that people turn a blind eye to, perhaps because men have to pay it rather than getting it. After all, if it was the latter, we all know how necessary the clause would be.

A 90-Year-Old Woman Has Had Enough

Meet Sarah Sultan, who at the age of 90, is having to make rounds to several courts and lawyers to get something that is her right as a Muslim wife. It has been 75 odd years to her marriage, and in all of these seven and a half decades, her Haq Meher was not awarded to her.

haq meher
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In her nikkahnama, the Haq Meher is a 3 Kanal and ten marla area of land. In all of her time as a married woman, her husband has not fulfilled his word. 

The case has been pending in various courts since 1970. Moreover, her husband has also bribed people to construct fake reports that show that he has fulfilled her right. Now, she has filed for an appeal in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

haq meher
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As if all this was not enough, Saeedah’s husband also had reports admitted into the court asking for her seizure.

The Nikkahnama, Scratch Out What You Please

It is common knowledge that, more often than not, when the official document of the Nikkahnama is being filled, families interfere. More for the women than for the men, of course.

The family of the groom often asks the bride to cut the “useless” parts. These parts are those in which the wife has the right to set whatever conditions she wants for her husband.

haq meher
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What It Should Be

The Haq Meher, Islamically, should be asked according to the affordability of the groom. For example, if the groom is wealthy, then as a bride, you should not be coerced into asking for the minimum amount and vice versa. The point is that the bride and groom decide on it together, which the groom then fulfills. 

Remember, if your Haq Meher is not fulfilled, then you can take this up in the courts of Pakistan. Enhance your knowledge today about what the Nikkahnama offers women, so you’re never in a compromised position.

Saeedah Sultan is one of the women who have the ability and means to take into the court. Many neither know that they can nor can seek legal help. 

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