The 9 year old surfing
Image Source: ARY Sports

Surfing on the waves like a pro was none other than a 9-year-old girl from Balochistan. Social media is in awe of the little girl surfing in the Pasni area of Balochistan.

People are coming together to wish her well, pray for her successful future, and applaud her for her bravery. Her name is still unknown, but that is not holding anyone back from appreciating her efforts.

Surfing is not a common sport in Pakistan. The Clifton Beach in Karachi is often cited as one place to surf, but there are rarely surfers there. Those who even visit the beach otherwise complain about the level of pollution there. However, this girl found her place, and she owned it like a pro.

Pakistani Youth Making Us Proud

Nothing makes the people of any land happier than seeing the younger generation succeed. To be able to find your passion at such a young age and to excel in the field is extraordinary. Names like Arfa Karim, Malala Yousafzai, and Shaheer Khan Niazi are just some other examples. They all made us proud with their remarkable achievements at the youngest of ages. 

Pakistan Needs To Support Its Youth More

Young girls playing
Image Source: International Exchange Alumni US Department of State

Seeing this girl surfing so solidly has made everyone proud. However, have we ever thought about how much our country has supported her? Our guesses are not so much. Pakistan rarely has institutes where sports like surfing can be taught. Private lessons require you to sell an arm and a leg. Her parents probably prepared this brave girl.

More significant investment and support in such areas are bound to encourage more boys and girls. They will not only become excellent at the sport but will also be able to go international.

She’s Challenging Cultural Norms

In a country where young girls are mistreated, judged, and oppressed, this girl is surfing fearlessly. Many other girls her age are married or not allowed to leave their house. Many are denied their right to education.

However, this 9-year-old is a change in the right direction. Kudos to her parents, who are raising their girls to be brave and take on the world as it is.  In addition to that, pursuing sports is not typical for girls in Pakistan.

Aside from the taunts of being too manly, professionally, female games are more scarce. We’re hoping by the time this girl grows up, she takes pride in her country also. 

Moreover, many of the people applauding her right now are those who would shame her had she been older. Instead of focusing on her talent, much of the society would have focused on her fitted suit. Or perhaps, why her swimming suit does not have a hijab attached to it. It is important to remember that we need to play our part in making the country safer for girls.

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