Would you believe us if we tell you that there are various ways in which we can use toothpaste apart from cleaning our teeth? You might think we are wrong but from removing carpet stains to cleaning your hair straighteners, there’s a lot that can be done with the toothpaste lying on the shelf of your bathroom.

Here we have put together a couple of alternative uses of toothpaste for you to try and test yourself. We are sure you are going to be satisfied with almost all of them and there’s one thing that we can guarantee. Now you’d think what is it? Well, if nothing else your toothpaste will keep your teeth clean, no matter what!

Let’s get started with the list of all the interesting ways we can use tubes of toothpaste that are helpful for us in our everyday lives.

1. To Remove Carpet Stains

Put some toothpaste directly on the stain and brush it off after a while. It works with the toughest of marks on your carpet!

2. To Revive Old Phone Screens


When constantly used, your cell phone screen develops minor scratches. Put some toothpaste on your finger and rub it over your screen and then remove it with a damp towel.

3. To Clean Your Nails


Apply some toothpaste with a brush on your nails and then remove it. Repeat this regularly to have stronger nails.

4. To Eliminate Odours


Remove nasty odours from your hands after cooking by scrubbing your hands with some toothpaste.

5. To Remove Gum from Hair

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This happens a lot with kids. Instead of cutting their precious hair just apply some toothpaste and brush it off after a while.

6. To Clean Your Silver Jewelry


Your silver jewelry can lose its sparkle after being constantly used. So to make it shine again just clean it with some toothpaste on a brush and it’s as good as new in no time.

7. To Clean Your Hair Straighteners

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If you use a hair straightener regularly, it might get dirty with the hair sprays and gels you apply to your hair. Just apply some toothpaste on the plates and remove it with a cloth, this will clean your straightener and it will eventually become more effective.

8. To Defog Your Glasses


Nothing annoys you more than your foggy glasses. When you are having a warm cup of tea or you get out of an air-conditioned car and your glasses become all foggy, this feeling is the worst. It is embarrassing and irritating at the same time. Just put some toothpaste on your finger and rub it on the glasses, remove it with a cloth, and make sure no residues are left on the glasses. You will never face the embarrassment of foggy glasses once you start using this toothpaste hack.

9. To Remove Watermarks From Furniture


To get rid of those ugly watermarks on your wooden furniture, rub some toothpaste with a cloth or towel over it. Your furniture will become neat and clean once again.

So these were some alternative uses of it. Let us know if you try any of them with your comments.

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