9 Interesting Secret Traits Of Geminis You Need To Know

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It’s Gemini season which means Gemini energy is booming. Here’s all you need to know about that Gemini in your life or yourself!

1. Social butterflies 

Geminis are natural at making friends. Their fun personality and happy-go-lucky nature attract people which means Geminis know how to break the ice. 

geminis secret traits
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2. Perceptive 

Nothing can get past them. They are observant and perceptive with a strong intuition that is rarely wrong. Trust them! 

3. Happy However

You will never find a Gemini sad about being single. It doesn’t bother them. Since they have a larger-than-life personality, they never feel lonely outside of a relationship. They use this time to discover themselves and reach their potential. 

geminis secret traits
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4. Fiercely Loyal

A Gemini tends to be extremely loyal regardless of who it is: be it friends, family, or a lover. Once they have committed to someone, they have forged a bond for life. They may be picky, to begin with, but once their trust is earned, it is a gift that keeps on giving.  

5. Avoid Conflict

The Gemini always tries to avoid conflict. With their intuition, they know when a situation can get too heated and prefer to walk away. It’s also because they would focus on the more important things in life than drama! 

geminis secret traits
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6. Independence

Geminis are independent and hate feeling controlled. They always need the freedom to live life as they like. If you try to ‘change’ them or restrict them, they would be quick to distance themselves from you.

7. Funny 

Most Geminis also have a sense of humour that’s enviable. They are hilarious and have you clutching your stomach in no time. This can also link back to being natural at making friends— who doesn’t like funny people? Oh and don’t worry, their jokes are harmless and not personal attacks. 

geminis secret traits
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8. Great Communicators 

When you come across Geminis, you will be able to see their intelligence and special communication skills. They can effectively tell you what they like/dislike while also encouraging you to be open with your truth. Plus, Mercury is a planet of intellect hence, it is not surprising to see this effect on Geminis.

geminis secret traits
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9. Weirdo at Times

These Geminis can also be unpredictable and a downright strange weirdo at times. This trait can leave many wondering just what in the world the Gemini will decide to do next. However, one thing is for sure, with a Gemini around you can not get bored.

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