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Having a little general information about the world is always good. Knowing these bizarre laws around the world will make you grateful for the laws in your own country. Plus, if you decide to visit these places, it’s always good to be informed.  

1. It’s Illegal to Chew Gum in Singapore

In Singapore, anyone importing, selling or making gum in can get fined and/or get jail time. There’s only one exception and that is with nicotine and dental gums offering therapeutic value.

bizarre laws around the world
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2. It’s Illegal to Run Out of Gas on the German Autobhan

The German Autobhan is notorious for having dynamic speed limits. You can travel more than 100 miles per hour in it! That is why Germans believe that you have the power to keep your car properly gassed up. Hence, if you run out of gas, it’s your own fault. You pay for it.

3. It’s Illegal to Feed Pigeons in Venice

Tourists loved feeding the pigeons. As a result, the cleanup from the birds used to cost each citizen €275 per year. Now, the tables are turned. If you’re caught feeding the pigeons, you could get fined up to €700.

bizarre laws around the world
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4. Don’t Wear Your Winnie the Pooh T-Shirt in Poland

Poland issued a ban on this cartoon character because it does not wear pants. The Polish government feels it is a little too risqué for impressionable children!

5. It’s Illegal to Wear a Mask in Public in Denmark

The Danish government does not want anyone to cover their faces in public spaces. This includes masks, helmets, scarves, hats, fake beards and even burkas.

6. Registering as Married at a Hotel Makes It So in North Carolina

In North Carolina, if you check-in at a hotel and say you’re married, that can officially make you married. This is deemed as a common-law marriage, that is honoured and valid in North Carolina.  

bizarre laws around the world
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7. It’s Illegal to Be Shirtless in Barcelona

The Barcelona government passed a law in 2011 which fines you for walking around half-naked. It could cost you up to €260.

bizarre laws around the world
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8. It’s Illegal to Wear Lace Undergarments in Russia

Russia does not allow lace undergarments. A 2014 law in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan states that undergarments must be made with a minimum of 6 per cent of cotton. It’s apparently for health and safety.

9. You Cannot Die Without a Pre-Purchased Burial Plot in Part of France

bizarre laws around the world
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In the town of Sarpourenx in France, you cannot die within the city limits unless you already have a burial plot purchased. They’ll fine your dead body too.

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