Delorean and some worst cars made
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Every famous car brand, which you may have heard of, has numerous vehicles under its belt. Over the decades, many cars have been added to the brands’ roster. Where we only used to see roadsters or jeeps, we now see sedans too. Some of the most famous brands in history are Mercedes, BMW, Cadillac, Chrysler, Jaguar, Rolls Royce and many more. However, there have been times when such luxury brands have come out with vehicles that were better off on paper.

By paper, we mean that the vehicles should not have come into production. At the time of their release, they were hyped up a lot and even used in pop culture areas. However, when the public actually got to drive them, they realized that these luxury cars were not all that they were talked up to be. They went down in history as some of the worst cars to be put on the street. While many may have been forgotten, some continue to live on, as pop culture icons or sources of memes!

worst lucury cars ever
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1. Delorean DMC-12:

Speaking of pop culture icons, you must have heard the name of this vehicle. It was a French brand that came out with this vehicle in 1981. While it may have attracted some people with its design, it had a massively underpowered function. The V6 engine on it barely managed to produce 130hp. It was quite overpriced and its gull-wing doors were probably the best part about the vehicle. While production stopped in 1982, we can thank ‘Back to the future’ for making this car into a pop culture icon.

Considering the sci-fi nature of the movie trilogy, the car’s design fits perfectly into it!

Delorean and Luxury worst car
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2. Cadillac Allante:

While the luxury brand is known for making impressive vehicles, this one may have been one of its lower points. The vehicle was released to compete with the Jaguar and Mercedes counterparts of the era. However, it was quite overpriced and did not seem to justify the price. It produced a measly 295 horsepower for the front wheel luxury sports that it was hyped up to be. Performance-wise, many rivals ranked higher.

Lucury cars and brands
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3. Aston Martin Lagonda:

When we think of this luxury brand, our mind immediately goes to the James Bond movies. The DB models of Aston martin are some of the most famous in those films. While the car was in production for 14 years, it only sold about 700 units. Its design and technological features could not save it from being a bust on the market.

Luxury cars and worst ones
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4. Cadillac Cimarron:

This car has actually made the list of ‘Worst cars ever made’. While it was shown off as a luxury car, it was nowhere near one. It seemed more like a rebranded Chevrolet Cavalier, which in itself was not an impressive car. It produced about 86hp on a four cylinder engine. This car is a prime example of engineering gone awry.

some of the worst cars ever made
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5. BMW I3:

This vehicle was manufactured with a lot of hope because it promised a lot to the people. There were many people who thought that this car would have a lot to say on the EV market. After all, not many can shatter the electric barrier with ease. After a while, it seemed that the vehicle did quite poorly. Its unconventional style went unappreciated and its limited range threw it way behind the line.

electric worst car ever made
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6. Mercedes Benz SLC:

While it may be the oldest brand out there and one of the titans, it also has made some errors. While it produced a respectable amount of horsepower, the power was not the only domain in competition. After a while, it was unable to keep up with the Jaguar F-type or the BMW Z4.

Mercedes as a bad car for the brand
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7. Ferrari Mondial 8:

This is one of the best Italian brands to have ever been introduced. Ferrari cars stand out as one of the most unique ones out there. However, this particular model could not stand up to the benchmark that Ferrari had set for itself. It weighed a lot (3500 pounds) and only produced 214hp. All that weight made it a slow race car, going from 0-60 in more than 8 seconds.

luxury ferrari and worst car by them
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8. Rolls Royce Carmague:

While you may not have heard a lot of bad about this luxury brand, this model may just be it. This was the company’s attempt to keep up with modern designs. However, the car turned out to be quite impractical, with a weak 3-speed automatic transmission. Its price tag made it the most expensive production car in the world when it debuted in 1975.

luxury car brands and bad cars
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