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During the ongoing pandemic, I had some time on my hands to read up on healthy food alternatives that can be easily replaced in our diet. These substitutes are readily available in the market and can be ordered from your usual grocery store.

Once you incorporate these ingredients into your diet, you will feel a difference in energy levels throughout the day, and that’s not it! You might even see a substantial difference on the weighing scale in a few months.

I have tried and tested these substitutes and witnessed increased productivity throughout my days. Let’s have a look at these fantastic ingredients.

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1- One of my staple foods is Pasta. My pantry usually has all kinds of Pasta at all times, and I can stir up a bowl within a few minutes and can eat it daily but with a lot of guilt.

Did you know you can eat a bowl of Pasta without the guilt? Yes, you heard that right. Just replace all the Pasta in your pantry with whole wheat pasta, and you’re good to go!

2- Brown Sugar is one of my favorite sweeteners these days. Be it baking, tea, or even some stir-fried beef stripes; brown sugar has won my heart. Please note that other kinds of processed sweeteners are not great for your health.

3- Choose multigrain or whole wheat bread instead of your usual flour bread as a breakfast option. There are more calories in the multigrain/whole wheat bread, but it has more nutrients and fiber. It keeps you full for longer and curbs cravings.

4- Use egg whites only! I love whole eggs, but they tend to have too many calories and also increase your blood pressure. Skip the yolk, and stir up four egg whites as breakfast or a mid-day snack as the whites are loaded with protein.

5- Skim milk over full-fat milk: Not everyone is lactose tolerant, but if you are and wish to consume dairy, try getting your hands on skim milk as it cuts down your calories significantly.

6- Low-fat cheese is the way to go! I do not think you need to consume cheese every single day! It makes you super sleepy and fuller than you’d like on a working day, but in case you are, choose low-fat instead of full-fat.

7- Incorporate brown rice instead of white. Firstly, as soon as you consume white rice, you would want to nap; secondly, not high on a day, you wish to be productive and get things done. Skip the rice, curb cravings with the brown rice.

8- So many recipes ask for flour, which is unhealthy. Try to use whole wheat flour in your recipes as it is a healthier alternative.

Pro tip: Try consuming superfoods!

Please note that these ingredients are expensive than your usual ingredients.

The above information is based on personal experience and not facts that have been verified by an official body. Please always consult a nutritionist before making any changes to your diet.