treat yourself budget
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Treating yourself every now and then is an essential and crucial part of life. It’s the key to contentment! So, if you ever find yourself constrained by a budget, don’t think you need to stop treating yourself. Here’s what you can do:

1. Go For A Cup of Chai

On the regular, if you make your tea or coffee at home, on special treat-yourself-today kind of days, go for a fancy cup of tea or coffee. You can enjoy your company or a friend’s and immediately feel refreshed.

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2. Flowers From A Vendor

You don’t need to get flowers from imported shops that cost several thousand per stem. Help a vendor and yourself by getting a beautiful, fresh bunch of flowers from a local vendor. Two birds with one stone!

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3. Get A New Book

If you love to read and reading is the best form of pick-me-up for you, get a new book. You can either purchase a new one (we love Liberty Books and The Last Word’s selections). On the other hand, you could always borrow a book from any nearby/school/university library also.

treat yourself budget
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4. Home Manicure and Pedicure

There are a thousand ways to give yourself a polishing mani and pedi at home. Simply search the ways on YouTube and get going, we’re sure you have all the products at hand already.

5. Get A New Lipstick

Getting new makeup is always exciting. However, getting a new lipstick is the best part if you ask us. It’s the joy of wearing that new colour every day for at least a week after you get it and loving the new look.

treat yourself budget
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6. Order Ice cream


Honestly, all chick flicks have told us one thing: that nothing can make you feel better as much as ice cream can. If you’re on a budget, either order a litre from a small business (many on Instagram) or simply get good ol’ Hico. We’re praline lovers!

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7. Bake Your Favourite Dessert

This… right here… seals the deal. Baking is the most therapeutic activity to take part in and note that once you enter a kitchen to bake, leave every worry outside. The focus on measuring ingredients, getting the consistency right etc is the best distraction. Go get your apron on.

treat yourself budget
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8. Buy Yourself Something Small

Being on a budget does not mean you can’t purchase something. Instead purchase something small. Go for a pair of earrings you love, maybe some jhumkas? Get a pair of khussas that go with everything! The options are endless.

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