Valentine's day

The day of love is going to be upon us in the blink of an eye, but the pandemic isn’t over yet. Here’s how you can celebrate love without violating SOPs:

1. Distanced Love

Instead of meeting with everyone you love today, send them something to their home. It can be purchased from a store, given the vast number of bundles available for valentine’s day. Or you could always cook up a storm in the kitchen and send it packed!

Nothing makes people’s hearts warm as much as a gesture does, and this is it!

2. Value The Written Word

In the midst of a pandemic, don’t underestimate the value of the written word. Write your loved ones a letter or post it to them— go old school!

valentine's day pandemic
Image Source: Andrea Brandt

3. Netflix Party

Most Valentine Days are also spent at home watching the good ol’ chick flicks. If you’re one of those who have always loved this activity, you can have a party with Netflix party! Watch the movie together and keep chatting about it in the chatbox— it comes pretty close to the real deal.

4. Outdoor Settings

If you trust yourself and others to be responsible enough to meet, only meet outdoors! Outdoor spaces can allow people to be spaced out. Moreover, there will be fewer surfaces that can get contaminated and spread the germ.  You could always have a picnic!

valentine's day pandemic
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5. Take-away on Valentine’s Day

For those at home who want to celebrate this day with family at home, you can always have a take-away day! Most restaurants offer takeaway deals that you can grab, and we all know, eating in is the new eating out. 

6. Zoom The Night Away

As terrible as it may be, the zoom is the best app we have on our hands right now. If you want to meet a larger group of people you can not gather in person, arrange a Zoom call. Trust us; once you start talking together on zoom, it will start feeling better. 

valentine's day pandemic
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7. Make A Playlist

There are many whose love language is listening to music. If you are that person or love those who are, make a playlist and share it with them. Spotify and Saavn are some of the streaming sites that offer this option to you.

8. Valentine’s DIY Project

If it comes down to relaxing and spending time together, getting along on a DIY project is also a great idea to get behind. Scour for ideas on Pinterest, and you shall have an activity to get busy with.

valentine's day pandemic
Image Source: Hercottage

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