to buy perfect mangoes tips
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Pakistanis hold mangoes close to their hearts and egos. We take pride in having the best mangoes that people abroad are deprived of. Moreover, we enjoy nothing more than bucketfuls of just mangoes. However, you can’t do all that if you don’t know how to get good mangoes. Here’s how:

1. Touch The Mango To Judge It

Touch and feel the mangoes you are about to buy. Ripe mangoes are usually soft and have a smoother texture. However, you need to be careful not to pick mushy mangoes by going for the softness. You also need to avoid mangoes that are too hard to indicate that they are not yet ripe.

to buy perfect mangoes tips
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2. Squeeze Test

Squeeze the mango gently before you buy it. This will give you a good idea of whether it is ripe or not. A ripe mango will usually squeeze easily as it will become softer.

3. Detect The Timeline

to buy perfect mangoes tips
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Many people purchase bulks of mangoes and keep them at home to let them become ripe. In that case, you should know, mangoes soften as they ripe. They are just like peaches in this regard. When your crate starts going from firm to soft, it is perfectly ripe. 

4. Ripe Mangoes Are Heavier

Ripe fruit is obviously heavier than a non-ripe one. Therefore, if you feel that the mango you picked up is heavier then that is a good signal that they are ripe.

5. The Smell of The Mangoes

You also need to smell the mango for sure. Smell the aroma of the mango near the stem because it is strongest here. If they have a strong, sweet, fragrant and fruity smell then they are most definitely ripe. Avoid mangoes that smell sour or bland.

to buy perfect mangoes tips
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6. Black Spots on Mangoes

Don’t be afraid of black spots on your mangoes. The black spots indicate that the mango is already ripe. You can purchase it with double confirmation by following the earlier steps. Don’t opt for wrinkled mangoes though. 

to buy perfect mangoes tips
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7. Shape Matters

The shape of the mango is also an indication. Though all the types like Sindhri, Anwar Ratol and Chaunsa have different shapes, a ripe mango will be bound to be plump and roundish.  Don’t pick mangoes that are flat because that can be an indication of unripeness.

8. Colour Matters But Not Entirely

While buying a mango you need to know that focusing on colour entirely is not good. All different varieties of mangoes have their own colours. Therefore, colour is not the best indicator of ripeness. 

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