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Most of us have no idea that the objects around us are involved. Even the simplest of things that we use every day are engaged in their core. This complexity can be unveiled under a microscope.

Today, we can appreciate life and the world around us as it had never been before. It is only possible because of the advent of science and how it enables us to observe and examine the world. It is because of this evolution that we know about the smallest of details in the objects we use in our everyday lives.

When putting them under a microscope, objects turn out to be different from what we know them as. The purposes we use, eat and see every day seem to be mysterious and unrecognizable under the lens of a microscope.

In our daily lives, we tend to forget that the world we live in is made up of the tiniest of organisms and that each and everything around us is hugely complex and amazing. Moreover, how unbelievably these smallest organisms form to create everything for us, from fruits and vegetables, we eat to things like wood that we use.

It is only through science that we can witness such amazing things. With the advent of science, human lives have changed forever. Human beings have always been curious; scientific knowledge has answered personal queries. However, this has only increased the human being’s thirst for knowledge and their appetite to know more.

Here are some mind-blowing things captured through a microscope:

1. Salt and Pepper

Image source: lifebuzz.com

2. The filament of a Tungsten Bulb

Image source: lifebuzz.com

3. Human sweat pore

Image source: telegraph.co.uk

4. Banana

Image source: danoah.com

5. Cauliflower

Image source: izismile.com

6. Pineapple leaves

Image source: carenalpert.com

7. Needle and thread

Image source: flickr.com/photos/zeissmicro/

8. Bell paper seeds

Image source: lenstore.co.uk

These pictures made me look at the world differently in a positive way. Understanding the world and the way it works through science makes you appreciate it even more. In these times of turmoil, we should try to know and understand the world more. It will make us grateful for our lives and the world.

Science has transformed our lives and our society for the better. Most of the time, we don’t even realize in what ways and how often we are affected by science. It is because science has made itself an integral part of our lives. Science has evolved rapidly with the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, and since then, it hasn’t slowed down.

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