foods damage skin
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Skin is a combination of your environment, your genetics and the care you give it. However, while many of those are not in our control, your diet definitely is. You must have heard, “your skin is what you eat” and it could not be more true.

Here’s the lowdown on foods that could damage your skin. Beware, it’s about to get sad!

1. Deep-Fried Food

Deep frying any food can make it taste the best but it can affect your complexion. Deep-fried products can lead to excessive oil production in your skin. This makes it a fertile ground for acne and other inflammations in your skin. Skip it whenever possible! 

foods damage skin
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2. Cheese

Cheese is the best life has to offer and it is healthy sometimes. However, it is in fact a dairy product that can increase oil production and lead to blocked pores. This further leads to blackheads and breakouts.

3. Coffee

Avoid large amounts of caffeine— they can dehydrate and dry the skin. Some coffee drinks have more caffeine than others so you need to be wary of what you’re consuming. If you do decide to enjoy a caffeinated cup, make sure you follow up with some hydration to keep your skin plump.

foods damage skin
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4. Donuts

Dermatologists advise that it’s important to avoid sugary treats like doughnuts, cookies and other high-glycemic foods. According to them, sugar glycated collagen. Sugar can thus stiffen and age your skin prematurely. Don’t want to look older than your age? Drop that doughnut like a hot plate!

5. Milk

It’s time to bust the myth that milk is an all-good, all-miraculous food that fixes everything. Milk contains precursors to testosterone and other androgens, which influence the hormone receptors in the skin. They lead to the processes of acne being encouraged within your skin.

foods damage skin
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6. Pasta

It seems our Italian dreams will have to wait. Pasta is high glycemic index food which makes it hard for the body’s immune system to attack the bacteria that cause acne.

7. Soda

Soda has crazy amounts of added sugar which can wreak havoc on your skin. Added or artificial sugar is the most aging element in any of the foods we consume and soda is full of it. In fact, soda is just added sugar! It can make your skin lackluster too.

foods damage skin
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8. Fruit Juice

Although fruits are a healthy calorie source, fruit juices are not all too good. When you make a juice, all the fiber from the fruit gets extracted, leaving behind a dense concentration of insulin-spiking sugar. Don’t think opting for fresh juice as opposed to soda is any better!

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