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Smartphones are extremely essential for use in today’s everyday lives. People cannot function that well without having a smartphone. Additionally, they have made life a whole lot easier for everyone. However, there are certain components that everyone looks for in a smartphone. One of those components is fast charging. Not every phone has the ability to fast charge its way to 100 percent. So, which ones do offer fast charging and should they be bought?

1. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra:

While the phone is impressive in the camera region, it also has a robust battery. With a 5000mah battery, the phone can easily last for 2 days on standard use. It can even go longer depending on how light is standard use. The phone offers impressive fast charging, going at 45W. This is definitely going to boost the battery power to 80% in less than 45 minutes.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus:

Here, we have yet another smartphone by Samsung. As we are aware, the Note series is one of the best ones to encompass the tech industry. With a 4300mah battery, the phone offers 45w fast charging. You cannot go wrong with this phone in many regions. The current price is set at Rs.1,90,000/-

3. OnePlus 7T Pro:

We know how well OnePlus makes its smartphones. Its display and processing power is one of the best ones that we have ever seen. The battery life is ample on this particular one too. It features fast charging in the form of ‘warp charging’. Compared to its predecessor, it charges 23 percent faster. This means that you can reach a full charge in less time than expected. Its price is currently Rs.82,500/-

4. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max:

This is considered the largest and highest variant of the iPhone 11 series. It has a robust screen as well as a beautiful processor, running the A13 chip. It has a battery capacity of nearly 4000mah, alongside fast charging at 18W. The smartphone can attain a 50 percent charge in 30 minutes, as advertised.

5. Realme XT:

A company that started with budget phones, they have really extended their domain. The Realme XT can be considered a mid-range phone with a highly impressive processor and storage capacity. It even has a 4000mah battery. It features VOOC flash charge 3.0, which means a full battery in 80 minutes. Its current price is Rs.50,000/-

6. Huawei Honor 20 Pro:

This is one of the most underrated phones on this list. It certainly lies in the flagship domain due to what it offers. The phone has a 4000mah battery which can last for quite a long while. Its charging pattern is similar to the iPhone above. With 22.5W charging, it can attain a 50 percent charge in 30 minutes. Its price is currently Rs.1,00,000/-

7. Huawei P40 Pro:

While the phone has not been released in the country yet, it is expected to have a lot of astonishing features. Among these is the battery life. It features a 4200mah battery, with fast charging. The wired is at 40W and wireless charging is at 27W. You can expect a full battery in no time!

8. Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus:

Here we have a phone from the S-series of Samsung. It also features fast charging. Alongside that, the phone itself is quite an impressive build. The battery capacity is set at 4500mah, with 25W fast charging. Say goodbye to waiting for hours for the phone to charge!

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