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Memes have the ability to become viral in less than a day. They are hilarious and give people the opportunity to make more memes. One of the memes that are highly viral these days is the ‘F9’ one. The meme features ‘Dom’ in various films, stating how ‘Family’ supersedes logic. In light of that, many people want to watch F9 just for the sake of supporting the memes. However, apart from the franchise, we have some awesome car movies for you.

These movies either feature cars by a dozen or they focus on one particular car. Do you remember ‘Knight Rider’? Are you a fan of cars or racing movies in general? Then, you are bound to definitely enjoy this list. However, we encourage everyone to check out these car movies at least once.

1. Drive (2011):

While the nature of the film does not focus solely on cars, they are definitely a big part of it. It features Ryan Gosling as a stunt man, who moonlights as a getaway driver. The film has this vibe of the 70s, with classical cars all over the movie set. It has a thrilling plot and some suspense-filled drives. Let’s be honest, the soundtrack is golden!

2. Gone In Sixty Seconds (2000):

Nicolas Cage stars in this film as a former car thief. However, he has been pulled back into this life to pay off debts his brother owes. Watch this action-packed film that puts a team together with one simple task: Steal fifty cars in one night. It is also the film to glamorise the Ford Mustang ‘Eleanor’ GT 500.

3. Ford V Ferrari (2019):

Ford V Ferrari is one of the best car movies of this decade. It shows the journey of the motor company ‘Ford’ on the racetrack. The first time the Ford GT was made to race in the famous ‘LeMans Circuit’ is the highlight of this film. Plus, you get to see A-listers like Christian Bale and Matt Damon come together.

4. Rush (2013):

Rush encompasses the greatest rivalry to ever take place on the racing circuit. The film is full of formula one racing and one rivalry. It is the one between James Hunt and Niki Lauda. For those car enthusiasts, this film is a treat to watch. Watch huge cars barreling down the track in heavy rain. Plus, the soundtrack ‘Lost but won’ is awesome!

5. The Italian Job (2003):

This is a film in which cars play a critical role. The plot features a group of people planning to steal a huge chunk of gold bars. However, transportation is the tricky part of this robbery. They want cars that can handle the weight but are able to go fast too. The Italian Job shows the crew escape in a daring chase using MINI Coopers of various colours. The film is a high recommendation.

6. Need For Speed (2014):

Need For Speed features Aaron Paul as its protagonist. The film is full of action-filled racing sequences. One of the best parts of the film is the final race, using supercars. While the movie itself may not have gained a lot of praise, it is a definite watch for car enthusiasts. You might stay glued to the screen, watching all that rubber burn!

7. The Fast And The Furious Tokyo Drift (2006):

Even if you have watched this movie already, you might wanna re-watch it sometime. It is one of the most popular car movies of all time. Its soundtrack, as well as the drift sequences, are definitely worth watching. The movie ties into the Fast franchise but seems a bit apart from the regular storylines.

8. The Ice Road (2021):

While this movie is not targeted at cars, it is definitely full of automotive action. The highlight of this movie are semi-trucks or huge lorries. Liam Neeson stars as a truck driver, who must navigate across a road made only of ice. From plain nature-based thriller to action sequences, watch this film as they cross the road. Fans of Liam Neeson will love this one.

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