There was a time when you could buy a brand new Honda CD70 in less than Rs.50,000/- and it would last you for a long time. You could drive that bike through the roughest of terrains and through the rainy monsoon of Karachi, and it would run strong as ever. However, now the same bike is priced at more than Rs.100,000/- for brand new.

bikes and increasing price of them
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Are Bikes Getting Expensive?

According to recent news, it seems that some bike companies have increased the price of their motorcycles by more than Rs.18,000/-. For many people, the motorcycle is an affordable transport that does not give them a hefty charge on fuel. Additionally, it is a quick way to get around the city, albeit one without much safety. To increase the price of a commercial motorcycle means that it is getting expensive for everyone.

What if people are not able to afford motorcycles because of this? What if they have been saving for a while and seeing this breaks their spirit. This shows that every vehicle owner, from the motorcycle to the sedan or the SUV, is facing adversity in one way or another. A lot of people have dreams of owning their own vehicle, especially a motorcycle and they treat it with utmost care. The economy is making it harder for the public to follow their dreams, to live a comfortable commuting life.

70cc bikes and a higher price for all of them
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The Bikes Are Getting Out Of Reach

Students often feel quite happy when they make their parents proud with their own first vehicle purchase. This price increase also means that people who are selling used motorcycles will also be selling them at a higher rate. Thus, this decision is causing a major impact on the industry in the long and short run.

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