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Many of us have a dream to learn how to take amazing photographs. Others have plunged into it and bought an expensive phone and want to use the camera. There are some who have both but find themselves stagnant with their skills. If you’re any one of these, these Youtube channels will help you will all the photography tips and tricks you need.

1. FStoppers

Fstoppers is a very popular channel on YouTube for photographers. It has created a community of photographers whose sole purpose is to help other professionals. They discuss tech-related things, share helpful techniques for shooting and help you stay updated.

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2. Jessica Kobeissi

Looking for fashion and portrait photography tips? She’s your woman! Her channel has vlogs of travelling, shooting portraits, and offers great photography tips for all those who are on it.  If you’re looking to learn about portrait photography or even editing, this is one of the best Youtube channels.

3. Sean Tucker

Tucker’s YouTube photography channel is also one to look out for. He covers camera techniques and posts production tips for his subscribers, very helpful for beginners. Plus his video quality is made so amazing that it makes his channel look like a movie! He teaches how to add emotional depth to your work.

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4. Jamie Windsor

Jamie’s videos on his Youtube channel are perfect for beginners. Lessons on lighting and colours are his main areas of focus. His videos are overall super informative for photography tips.

5. SLR Lounge

This is the channel that helps you fix your mistakes. It has playlists like Photography 101, Master Manual Mode, Lighting 101, Best Way To Learn Flash Photography etc. All these teach you all there is to know about said topics. It also a tutorial on how to use software like Adobe and Lightroom! 

6. Professional Photography Tips

As the name suggests, you’re all set. Joshua Cripps, an official photographer for the Nikon D750, specialises in landscape photography himself. His youtube channel will surely have some things for you to learn in case that is your area of interest.

7. Art of Photography

Art of Photography has been on YouTube for several years and it’s popular for a reason. The channel is run by Ted Forbes and has a lot of informative content. It features videos on cameras and photography in which Forbes shares his tips and techniques. By the end of this, you will have perfected the art of visual storytelling. 

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