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COVID-19 has stirred havoc in our lives. It has been months since we are caught as a prisoner in our own homes. While the lockdown has significantly decreased buying power among the masses, some people have been saving money, even during the pandemic.

Yes, you heard that, right! People have been saving up, regardless of what they are earning. How are they saving you ask? Well, with significant alteration in lifestyle, there are ways they have been saving money.

In this article, we have listed down for you seven ways COVID-19 has helped people save money:

  1. Shopping: In many parts of the world, shopping malls are still closed. No weekly visits to the mall mean no money spent on unnecessary things. If you add up the amount of money you spend on the most random stuff at the mall, you’ll realize you can save a significant sum of money.

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  2. Makeup & Hair Setting Products: A lot of us are working from home, which requires no makeup or setting hair every morning to head out to the office. Grooming products cost an arm and a leg, so skip them and save money.Sit back and relax. Wear a facemask often and incorporate some skin routine in your day to day life. A little sunscreen and moisturizer every day will do the trick unless you have a Zoom meeting.

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  3. Home Cooked Meals: Due to the coronavirus, restaurants, cafes, and many other hanging out spots are closed down, which means you have to cook meals at home. Believe it or not, a little planning can help you prepare delicious home-cooked food and will also save you tons of money. Also, please avoid take out as people have reported getting the virus from takeout food.

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  4. Clothes: Bakra Eid is around the corner, and trust us, you do not need to shop. It is not safe to leave the house unnecessarily. Here’s how you assess if you should go home or not, ask yourself: Will you die without X if you didn’t buy it? Yes or No. By not buying clothes, a significant amount can be saved.

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  5. Salons: We understand how self-grooming is essential, but we also have seen people on the internet trying to manage all of that jazz at home! Learn a few basics from YouTube and buy products and tools required. We assure you, you can last this pandemic without a single visit to the salon.

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  6. Growing Your Fruits & Vegetables: Just the other day, I stumbled upon a financial banker’s YouTube channel, wherein a video he explained that he spent the last four months educating himself and growing fruits and vegetables at home. The process can be therapeutic and also has been helped people save money and stay occupied.

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  7. Gym: Gym falls under the ‘Red Zone.’ You must work out at home. Follow simple routines and try to stay healthy and active. People have been saving money by not paying membership fees for the past few months.
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    A piece of advice: Don’t scroll through online shopping websites and HIDE YOUR CREDIT CARD. You’re safe now!

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