luxury brand things never do
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Luxury brands are a world unto themselves. Though much of the world covet what they have to offer, most are unaware of what really goes on behind the scenes. Brands like Dior, Gucci, or Rolex (among others) are also special because you won’t ever find them doing these things:

1. Give A Discount

Luxury brands do not give discounts. Ever. Much to our dismay, they all unanimously follow this principle because it goes against their ‘exclusive’ approach to fashion. Some do have sales, however, in which many items can be bought at a slashed price. Keep in mind, the sales are on their old items— never the new ones.

luxury brand things never do
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2. Go Viral

Have you noticed how, unlike smaller, non-luxury brands, luxury brands never go viral? They don’t have out-of-the-box ads or marketing campaigns. That is because they focus on quality and experience and don’t believe in going mainstream.

luxury brand things never do
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3. Sell Something With A Defect

Sometimes, with other brands, we purchase something and it turns out later that they have a defect. Though these brands always compensate, a luxury brand wouldn’t be in this position, to begin with. Thorough quality controls ensure each piece in the shop and inventory is perfect.

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Those items with minor or tiny defects are available at their outlet shops (if any) for a steal.

luxury brand things never do
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4. Over-Produce

The usual business philosophy is that if something starts selling out fast or is popular, produce more of it. This is done to capitalise on it. However, luxury brands never over-produce to ensure they are still exclusive.

5. Buy Now Pay Later

Don’t we all love this facility? This revolutionary fintech solution lets you purchase things and pay in small amounts at regular intervals. However, you will never find a luxury brand doing this. This will again make open them to any and everyone which would go against their prestige.

6. Compromise on Quality

Those who have the heart to invest in luxury items from these luxury brands will tell you one thing. If you take good care of the items, they will never break or tear or fall apart. Much of the high price is because everything that goes in the making is top quality.

luxury brand things never do
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7. Have Poor Customer Service

You will never find a luxury brand blame the customer or be unhelpful to them. Did you know that once you purchase a luxury item you can have it repaired for anything for your lifetime and that too free! Luxury brands take pride in offering the best possible customer assistance and service.

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