NEVER Say To A Sagittarius
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You don’t have to believe in zodiac signs to be intrigued by the whole phenomenon; the belief that being born in a specific month gives you character traits that you share with a few hundred million other people. And yet, it’s always fun to talk about how a particular zodiac makes you braver while the other, tactless. And talking about Sagittarius, they must also share traits, then? If they do, then you need to remember there are some things you should never say to a Sagittarius.

1. Why can’t you commit for once?

They value space. For them, their independence is essential. So, for example, if they have some task, they would try to complete it on their own even if they struggle with it. Partners do not appreciate that. They want to be over-involved, and so Sagittarius feel more in their element when they are single.

2. You travel a lot, don’t you?

They are crazy about traveling. For them, their whole life will be well spent if they get to see the entire world and even beyond. They could do that with their friends, and they could do that all alone, and they do. And God forbid if you question this because if you do, it will be wrong.

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3. Aren’t you a little disrespectful?

They like honesty, so they do not keep it from you. They will tell you all of it point-blank. So if you are looking for some compliments when you feel insecure, consulting Sagittarius might not be the best way about it. So people think they are tactless, but really, they do not want to delve into the facade of complimenting when it means lying.

4. Just ask for help

They are private about their feelings, their work, their relationships, their life. So even if hell freezes over, they will not ask for help. And knowing that they are blunt in their response, it’s better not to suggest this.

5. You’re so restless

Their soul is restless. Sagittarius is always in seek of wisdom or a new adventure. When they don’t get it, they get nervous.

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6. You’re too cheerful 

They like being happy. If you don’t like it, just walk away because they will not stop beaming.

7. You’re always so impulsive

They are very reckless, but maybe that allows them to live an exciting life. So accept them with it, instead of questioning it.

Also, it better not to hurt anyone. We should be spreading love, not sadness. So now that you know these pointers about Sagittarius, how about paying some heed and ensure you are not a reason for someone’s sadness?

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