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I might have generalized here because I relate to a specific list of things revolving around Eid-ul-Adha. Not every girl would fit the description, I accept. But, the stereotype is such that choti eid is for girls and bakra eid or bari eid is for boys. And a number of girls fit this criterion. They feel a bit, not at home, with this eid.

So what are those few things that you can expect from, well, most girls? Or what is it that girls can relate to regarding Bakra eid?

1. Scared of Bakras

On bakra eid, you get to see every sort of animal on the streets; from cow to camel, goat to sheep, sometimes even an alpaca.

The excited and frustrated animals start jumping around, and running here and there. I, for one, get scared of not only the animals but of their sudden movements too. Because of this, just like me, most other girls avoid even going out for fear of encountering animals.

2. Hating the smell in the air

When the number of animals exponentially increases around you, their smells merge, and a collective smell emerges. The air gets enriched with it. Most girls, including me, are not fond of it.

3. Not watching the Qurbani

Some want to present a fragile self, some are just scared of blood, and some just hate the organs coming out of the Qurbani animal. So they avoid coming out for the Qurbani duration altogether.

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3b.  Loving the kaleji though

Because kaleji is love, especially the one made by mom.

4. Not touching Qurbani meat

What’s more is that when the meat arrives inside the house, and the mothers are dividing it, they would completely avoid the kitchen. In fact, when it is cooked, they would avoid eating it as well. The most common excuse is, it smells. I know this because I have used it.

5. Finding fridge full of meat and no chocolate

Something that you would relate to as a girl is, strolling to the kitchen even a week after the Qurbani and finding it full of meat. No chocolate, no lychee drink, just some meat and some raan occupying the entire space.

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6. Making faces at stained roads 

Usually, in our country, there are no specified places for qurbani. So people do it right in front of their house. They even throw the hides on roadsides. The smelly and blood-stained roads look really ugly and unappealing. And all we can do is make faces.

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7. Complaining about not getting Bakra Eid(i)

While we should be normalizing giving eidi on both eids, it is not the case in majority of households. And so we are left with complaining about being broke and not getting eidi on bari eid.

Are there some other things that as a girl that you can relate to? Let us know in the comments below.

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