good parenting
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There are seldom parents who know they have done good parenting or feel that they are. Every time you’re unsure, you can turn to this list that gives you signs of good parenting. We’re sure you can see at least half the signs!

1. Your Child Fails And You Let Them

“Too many parents try to protect their children from feeling the sting of disappointment or inconvenience. Skinned knees build character,” said a child therapist. You need to let children fail and discuss it later with them. This way, since childhood, they learn about perseverance and hardwork.

good parenting
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2. They Are Different

Although every parent wants to see a little of themself in their child, your child should be different! Knowing that your child has their own identity is a good way to know that you’re doing something right.

good parenting
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3. They Stay Safe Even When You’re Absent

Many parents make it a goal to protect their children and in doing so, often coddle them. Focus on raising kids who would make the right decisions even when they’re alone. “The fact that they take basic safety precautions seriously is a sign that you’ve taught them well.”

4. You Gave Up A Bad Habit

Once kids come into your life, a lot of changes take place. However, doing away with a bad habit is also often essential for many parents. Everyone has a bad habit. When you have children, however, the influence you make on them should outweigh the need for that habit.

Your kids are always paying attention to what you do. Why not let them take after something positive?

5. Family Dinners Are A Priority

Doesn’t matter whether you’re having gourmet food or any takeaway Chinese, the point is to be together. Though spending time together as a family can be difficult to do, making this a priority with yours is a sign of good parenting.

good parenting
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Studies have shown that kids who have regular dinner with their parents — especially with dad — do better in school. They have higher self-esteem and are less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol or become teen parents

6. Your Kids Get Mad At You

Hearing your child say hurtful words to you can make you feel as if you’re doing a bad job. However, that’s not always the truth. When they get mad at you it’s because you’ve set a boundary firmly. “Trying to be your child’s friend may be more fun, but your child needs you to be a parent.”

good parenting
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7. You Think You’re Failing

According to many child therapists, parents who think they are failing are the ones who are usually doing something right. This doesn’t mean that if you think you haven’t failed, you have. Doubt is a huge part of parenthood, embrace it.

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