Eid is all about getting together with loved ones. And that means lots and lots of delicious food. If you are planning lunch or dinner gathering for Eid, here are a few easy to make recipes that will make your party a success.

1. Tikka Biryani

This biryani will get your guests running to the table in no time!

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Tikka Biryani

2. Shahi Shami Kabab

A scrumptious dish at Eid dawats that will leave you asking for more!

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Shahi Shami Kabab

3. Doodh Dulari

All you want for Eid is this sweet treat and there’s nothing better than this creamy delight! Get the recipe here

Doodh Dulari

4. Siwayion Ka Zarda

Flavored with aromatic Elaichi and Saffron, it is sure to satisfy your post Iftar meetha cravings!

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Siwayion Ka Zarda

5. Meerath Kay Gola Kabab

Spicy and oh-so-flavorful! This dish has all the ingredients we love.

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Meerath Kay Gola Kabab

6. Shahi Gajrella

You won’t feel guilty of serving this all day long, because you know your guest will love it!

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Shahi Gajrella

7. Koila Karahi

You need to serve one finger-licking dish right? This is one of those.

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koila karahi

Which of these dishes would you like to try? Let us know in the comments below.