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We’ve all seen the occasional fairytale proposals with rivers of petals and fireworks. However, nothing says “Marry Me” like an unusual, well-thought-out proposal. Here are the most weirdly legendary ones.

1. Dancing Carrots 

A man in love gathered half a hundred of his friends, dressed them in carrot costumes and had them dance. He too was a part of the carrot parade as his confused-looking girlfriend looked on. When he whipped his outfit off, he proposed on a microphone to the girl. Imagine if she had said no!

unusual marriage proposals
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2. Zero Gravity Proposal

This guy took “sweep her off her feet” to the next level. This proposal was done on a special zero-gravity flight between staff members and other friends. We hope he held on to the ring for his dear life before he slipped it on her finger.

unusual marriage proposals
Image Source: ProposaloClock

3. Bring The Boyband Home

This is a good idea for those who are emotionally constipated and try to cover their feelings with humour. This guy wrote an entire song and performed it as a boyband would with his friends.

unusual marriage proposals
Image Source: ChilliSauce

The concert’s audience was all of friends and family. Talk about peer pressure for the girl!

4. Roller Coaster Proposal

This girl just got on a roller-coaster for the adrenaline rush. Little did she know when she gets off it, she will have lived through a proposal! Hands down, one of the most creative proposals we have seen. The girl won’t know about the proposal until she sees the photo at the end of the ride.

unusual marriage proposals
Image Source: Chillisauce

5. Technological Proposal

Nothing says “I want to spend my life with you” like a QR code necklace. After all, we are living in 2021 and must make the most of technology. This guy sourced a QR code necklace from Etsy which, when scanned, reveals the custom message!

unusual marriage proposals
Image Source: Etsy

6. Pokemon Style

Any Pokemon fans in the house? Write this idea down. This couple surely had a good laugh over the proposal when the message and ring came encased inside a Pokemon ball. “I choose you” is the pun, we hope the guy heard it back!

unusual marriage proposals
Image Source: Pinterest

7. For The Musicians 

unusual marriage proposals
Image Source: Buzzfeed

If your guy or girl is a musician, this is the most adorably unusual way to propose to them. Plus, it can be a memory for ever. This couple got the proposal message written on a guitar pick. Imagine if the receiver of this pick makes their debut with this very pick. A lucky charm unlike any other!

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