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Gaming is one of the most prevalent hobbies of the 21st Century. Even though millennials and Generation Z were disciplined for playing too many games in their teens and pre-teens, the gaming industry has evolved to become a multi-billion dollar industry. It even started an entirely different sports industry called the e-sports industry.

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There are numerous reviews about the best games on the internet. However, not much content is available for the worst games ever considered as money being burned by those who were unfortunate enough to purchase them.

1. 50 Cent: Bulletproof (Multiple formats, 2005):

Bulletproof was an action game released at the height of fame of the popular rapper; 50 Cent. The game had a terrible story-line and had early-90s SEGA vibes in its graphics. The story-line was 50 Cent murdering his way through missions, and nobody remembers that this game existed despite having 50 Cent endorsement.

2. Aliens Colonial Marines (2013):

This is probably the only game that got a lawsuit by disgruntled players who disliked this game to that extent. The game was a mess with so many glitches that it turned out to be a mess and is considered one of the worst games ever.

3. Bad Street Brawler (1989):

Released with Nintendo’s handheld controller, the game only had three actions that the player; punch, kick and return game to shop. The game’s story was a punk rock man beating up circus little people and bulldogs. The game was one of the worst; maybe it has more to do with the fact it was released in 1989.

4. Bubsy (3D):

Mario Cart’s bad impersonation was a disastrous game with not one thing good about it. The game was terrible in all aspects, whether its graphics, storyline, or missions. Everything was a disaster, and you wouldn’t want to be the one who would pay for this game.

5. Custer’s Revenge:

The game was terrible and had a problematic storyline where the player had to attempt to rape a woman. Do we need to say more?

6. Ethnic Cleansing:

This was another problematic game with an extremely socially unacceptable storyline where you could choose fascism and kill your African, Mexican, and Jewish enemies. It was a bizarre concept and was widely popular among the Neo-Nazis.

7. Hatred (2015):

Hatred was a poor attempt at making a dark, violent game and trying to give it a Mortal Kombat like vibe, which was a poor attempt. The game was extremely boring to play with poor features and limited action for the players.

The following games were some of the worst games ever, as per the commentary on the internet. Were you unfortunate enough to spend money on any one of them?

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