7 Major 90’s Fashion Brands That Made Cringe-Worthy Choices!

The ’90s was a time for fashion discovery, and the world witnessed a new era of style evolution. With that said, we saw a few renowned global fashion brands that had significant mishaps, which will be remembered over time.

Here are 7 Brands That Made Cringe-Worthy choices in the ’90s.

1. E-Spirit

It looks like E-Spirit was promoting a look people donned after a ‘Hangover’!

2. Gap

This Paisley jacket could be the one that would be a favorite amongst Grandma’s instead of the targeted audience.

3. Nike

Nike decided to bring in the ‘Banana Boat’ shoe, and we’re not a big fan of the ‘Hawaiian shirts for your feet’ campaign.

4. Yasmin Le Bon

So now we know where the inspiration behind ‘The Mask’s’ outfit came from!

5. Cross Colours

This is how color blocking was done in the ’90s! On a side note, if you’ve ever wondered what a rainbow would look like on a person, this is it.

6. Versace

These teenagers are not happy with what they’ve been forced to wear for this photo-shoot for Versus by Versace.

7. Joe Boxer

We can’t believe these existed!

Which 90’s fashion brand did you think crossed all limits? Let us know in the comments below.

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