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We’ve just found out how soap is useful for way more things than just cleaning purposes and these life hacks using soap are totally life-saving and will blow your mind!

We’ve listed 7 soap life hacks to get you out of tricky situations!

Who knew our regular bar of soap could be used in so many different ways?

1. Stick the soap with a magnet so it doesn’t drop in the shower

Fix a magnet stuck to a bottle cap into the soap and stick it to the tap, this is extremely useful for smaller bathrooms that do not have space to add soap holders.

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2. Keep a Bar of Soap to Remove Bad Odours

Get rid of any bad odors in your closet by placing a bar of soap on the shelf. You could also cut up a bar of soap in pieces and these to your shoes overnight to leave them smelling fresh for the next day!

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3. Get Rid of Creaking Doors!

In case you’re out of oil for those creaking hinges, simply rubbing a bar of soap will get rid of your problem. We tried it and it definitely works!

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4. Fill any cracks and holes in the wall with Soap

Have you got any holes in the wall leftover from nails? You no longer need to wait around for plastering it, rub a bar of soap over it and fill in the cracks in a jiffy.

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5. Repel Pests from Plants

Your bar of soap will help kill and repel the most common pests that sit on houseplants and even your garden plants. However, you will need a soap made of organic oils for this life hack. You could use liquid soap if you have it or dissolve a bar in some water.

Here’s what you’ll need for the spray:

1 gallon of water, 1 tbsp of liquid soap, 1 tbsp of vegetable oil (optional). You can now mix it and spray it on all your plants.

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6. Polish Glasses With Soap to Avoid Fog

Polish your glasses with soap to make them fog-resistant even during winter. All you have to do is run your glasses under some warm water then dab some liquid or gently rub a bar of soap on both sides of the lenses and then polish with a microfiber cloth. This method can be used for mirrors too.

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7. Clean Up Broken Glass Using Soap

Cleaning up tiny pieces of shattered glass does not get easier than this! We absolutely love this life hack, sometimes the tiny pieces are so hard to see and could result in injuries later on. Simply rub a bar of soap over the area, the glass fragments will get stuck to the soap in two or maybe three swipes just to be careful.

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Do you know any other soap hacks? Let us know in the comments below.

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