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As the years have progressed ahead, smartphones have become a necessity for humans. We cannot imagine going anywhere without carrying one with us. Despite how bad the world took a turn in 2020, there has been a significant rise in usage. Being forced to stay indoors has only increased the smartphone usage and productivity online. Due to that, let us inform you a bit about realme products, other than smartphones.

realme rose quietly among the ranks some time back. People wanted good phones in a reasonable price and they came face to face with realme. Despite its quiet rise, it has become quite a titan nowadays. Everyone wants to get their hands on a realme 6 or a realme 5i. However, smartphones is not the only domain that realme operates quite well in. Now we dive into the details of the other products:

1. realme Buds Air Pro:

If we talk about earphones, these go quite a long way. First of all, they give new meaning to the concept of wireless. They are relatively light weight than other products in this range and they have a beautiful design. Additionally, they have a total playback time of 25 hours, which is an impressive number. They have active noise cancellation up to 35 decibels, which means you can easily listen to footsteps in Counter Strike!

They are currently available at a price of Rs.13,999/-

Realme products worth the buy
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2. realme Watch S:

This is one of the best realme products out there. In a time of expensive smart watches, realme is shattering stereotypes. The product has a blood oxygen monitor, 16 sports modes as well a heart rate monitor. Additionally, it has a stand by life of 15 days, which is quite an impressive number. You can easily go a week on a lot of usage and still have battery left over.

The realme Watch S is available for a Price of Rs.14,999/-

Realme watch a a product
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3. realme Smart Cam:

A video camera for all your security needs, this one tops the charts in many domains. Firstly, it has the ability to move 360 degrees, on more than one axis. This means that you can place it at an omnidirectional location and not worry about angles. It also supports memory up to 128GB, which is quite a lot of recorded footage. It even has an AI detection monitor and infrared night vision! This almost feels like recon equipment!

Its price is currently set at Rs.6,999/-

4. 30W Dart Charge Bank:

If we look at the power bank domain, realme has some impressive ones here. It is known as the two way charging bank, with a 10,000mah capacity. 30 Watts means that it is going to charge at quite a fast pace, thus the name of ‘Dart’. It is not only easy to carry but can be used multiple times. Your realme 6, in particular, can charge in just under an hour. It has dual ports (USB-A and USB-C) and can handle a lot of power.

It is currently being sold at Rs.5,499/-

Realme and its products
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5. N1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush:

Don’t you just feel that wave of laziness when you are brushing your teeth? If you wish to boost that experience, we recommend that you go for this product. It is quite impressive and cleans teeth with utmost efficiency. It has a staggering battery life of 130 days, so you don’t even have to count them on you fingers! Additionally, it has three cleaning modes and is also water resistant.

Its price on the realme store is Rs.2,499/-

toothbrush by Realme
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6. The realme Smart Scale:

If you wish to keep track of your health and watch the progress, this product is fit for you (pun intended). It has the ability to break down your health into components and analyzes it within the scale. This includes weight, fat rate, BMI, shape as well as bone mass, muscle rate, moisture rate, etc. It is a product with a 360-day long standby capability.

It is currently at a price of Rs.5,499/-

7. realme Band:

This is one of the most affordable alternatives to flagship smart watches. It may not be as impressive or full of many features, but it has a lot to offer. From a real-time heart rate monitor, sleep quality monitor, notification tracker, all the way up to an intelligent sports tracker, the watch has it all. In a price that this is being sold at, the watch seems like an extremely good investment.

It can be bought for a price of Rs.3,999/-

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