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When it comes to high-end cars, they are the epitome of performance and agility. Not only do they boast extreme power and speed, they also represent how something can stand apart from the crowd. Karachi has quite a lot of high-end cars in it, be it for the sports end or the luxurious end. People here love cars and they can spend countless hours talking about them. No matter where you live in Karachi, you can head over to the open Seaview area on the weekend to view these cars.

That said, let us now take a look at which cars we can see being driven on the roads of Karachi.

1. Nissan GTR R-35 In Karachi

We cannot talk about high-end cars and leave out Godzilla. This monster on four wheels is a high performance vehicle that can leave a lot of every day’s vehicles straight in the dust. It requires a lot of practice as a driver to be able to handle it and it can be seen in Karachi. It is Nissan’s prize horse, its strongest armor.

karachi and other high end cars
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2. Audi R8

While the vehicle has been discontinued now, the Audi R8 is one of the fastest production cars in the world, with a beautiful design and a high performance engine. It can run from 0 to 100 while you’d still be blinking your eyes. It is also a car that can be seen in Karachi on weekends often.

audi r8 on karachi roads
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3. Bentley Continental GT

If we talk about luxury, Bentley is one of the best brands out there. However, this car is not just built for luxury, but for speed as well. It can easily handle all types of terrain, no matter how rough it is, and it can go quite a long distance on a single tank of fuel. It has one of the most aesthetic sounding exhausts of all cars,

bentley spotted in the city, on roads
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4. Toyota Supra GR In Karachi

When the Supra Mk4 came out in the 90s, it was considered one of the best JDMs out there. In fact, paired with a 2JZ engine, it produces an immense amount of horsepower. The next generation of the vehicle can be seen on Seaview often on weekends. It can be seen doing drag races or being drifted around by its owner.

toyota supra gr in the city
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5. Nissan Skyline R34

Just like the Supra, the Nissan Skyline is also an impressive JDM, quite a beast of its time. It can be seen on the roads of Karachi and the owner loves to speed it across the shoreline. No matter where you go, any car enthusiast can tell you about the skyline and what it represents for them.

different high end cars in the city
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6. Ford Mustang

If we talk about muscle cars in Karachi, then we can certainly call the Ford Mustang a powerful one. It features a solid engine that can produce hundreds of horsepower, leaving a crater in its wake. You might be able to hear this car from quite a distance if you are headed to the area it is in. Yes, even the idling sound is loud and aesthetic enough to make you fall in love with it.

Dodge in Karachi city near seaview
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7. Dodge Coronet

If talking about vintage muscle cars, then this car can be seen standing in DHA. It is of a golden color and has quite a long, sleek design, perfect for a dodge muscle car. It is a high-end car, based on its vintage value, that can be seen in Karachi on weekends.

dodge coronet in the city
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If we head out towards the sea-side on the weekend, there is a high chance we will run into any of these cars.

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