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Summer is here and its time to take a nice long vacation! Given that the novel coronavirus pandemic has everyone second-guessing a vacay far from home, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a classic road trip.

Before you head out and hit the road, its always a good idea to be prepared for just about anything, this is especially for those who have a family along with young children.

You never know what awaits you out there! Hence, we have compiled a list of genius road trip hacks that will allow you to enjoy every second you spend in the outdoors.

7 Genius Road-Trip Hacks For A Perfect Getaway!

1. Activities & Toys

activities for kids
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if you are on the road with your family and you have children accompanying you, be sure you have a few activities in the car to keep them engaged. You can simply pack a coloring book with colored pencils in a ziplock and even a small puzzle too. Many games can be played from inside like “I Spy.”

If you have a baby, you should consider getting an interactive car toy that you can simply place behind the car seat to keep the little one busy. For the children, you should consider buying backseat tables so that they can use it to keep their books and puzzles on.

car toys
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2. Make Snack Packs

It’s widespread to get super hungry when traveling because it can get exhausting. The best way for you to fight hunger is to make snack packs. You can use ziplock bags or containers to keep something healthy and delicious that will last you on the road.

3. Use Containers As Trash Cans

car trash bin
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Suppose you don’t have a proper dustbin or trashcan in the car, it’s not a problem. You can simply use a container (with a lid) instead. This will prevent your vehicle from becoming a garbage truck and stop it from smelling. However, its always best if you buy a car trash bin.

4. Pack Hand Sanitizers

I know what your thinking here, that, of course, we’ll have something to wash our hands within the car. But, did you know that sanitizers do not just clean your hands but also help unjam frosted doors? Mind = Blown!

5. Make Room For Extra Space 

mesh bungee
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If you need more room to place your stuff, you can simply buy a mesh bungee with roof hooks and attach it to the inside of the car. The roof then becomes a special compartment where you can store all the extra stuff you don’t need.

6. Keep A Tube Of Toothpaste In Your Glovebox

This is another two-in-one hack. Yes, toothpaste keeps your teeth nice and clean and tidy, but it also cleans your car’s headlights as well! Traveling on different terrains and through different areas means exposing your vehicle to dust, debris, and lots more other factors.

At night, the headlights can become dim because of the gunk which has gathered on them. Park to the side, take 5 minutes to clean them, and they will once again become super bright to help you as well as other drivers see your position.

7. Sun Shades

summer car shade
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Summers are super hot, with the scorching sun outside, a metal car is sure to heat up. The soaring temperature is not suitable for you. While you must keep yourself hydrated, you must also carry sun shades with you.

They will provide relief to you from the sun. The metallic covers for the windscreen and rear window are also a great idea so that if the car is parked, the inside is not super hot!

Have any more genius hacks to share? Comment below!

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