Cheats in fortnite and all
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In the world of gaming, one can sometimes expect shortcuts. These can either be in the form of easter eggs that developers have left, or in the form of cheats. Here we have a handful of Fortnite cheats that you didn’t know existed!

Fortnite is one of the most widely played games ever. Before we dive into this article, we must tell you that we are not referring to hacks here. Bots and Scripts are not an ethical option to play with and even ruin the experience for other gamers.

Fortnite cheats for everyone
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1. See Through Walls:

When you build walls on Fortnite, you can actually see through them. This is an interesting cheat because it’s something not everyone has figured out. Go into edit mode and drop a wall. Now, when you switch to edit mode again, you can see behind the wall you’ve built. Get those enemies!

2. Riding Supply Drop Balloon:

Whenever players see a supply drop balloon in the game, they go mad rushing towards it. Here we have a cheat that can get you to the balloon faster. Simply head somewhere high and build over the balloon. Then, just drop on to it and you can ride in, slaughtering enemies!

3. Landing Faster:

Landing faster in Fortnite means to position yourself vertically. However, at a certain point, the glider opens and you slow down. However, what people don’t know is, gliders don’t open over water. So stay over water as long as possible and divert to land at the last moment to open the glider. This may take a bit of practice to get right!

Fortnite cheats and hacks
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4. Sliding Without Damage:

In Fortnite, if you’re sliding down somewhere, you may lose health. However, we have a hack and a cheat for you. Whenever you’re sliding down, move opposite to the direction you’re sliding in. So if you’re sliding left, stick right and you will be glued to the mountain. No fall damage? Is this fortnite or Apex legends?

5. Fire hydrant access:

Although there aren’t any fires in fortnite, there are a lot of hydrants. If you shoot the top off the hydrant and run into the blasting water, it will be fun. You will be boosted high in the air and will be able to reach places that can be hard to access. Additionally, it can make a player’s movement a lot faster around the map.

6. Watch Tv With A Scare:

If you notice, there are television sets placed all throughout the game. You can even watch that tv. All you have to do is walk up to one and press the interact button. We must warn you, though. Occasionally, you may be get a scare from watching the television. This reminds one of the line based scary game that people have broken monitor screens over!

Scary tv in Fortnite
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7. Another Fall Protection:

If you are in a fall where you cannot glue yourself somewhere, there is another cheat for you. As you are in the fall, simply occasionally built a floor panel as you are coming down. Every time you build it, the fall will be broken and all the momentum lost. You will be, essentially, building a stair case to the ground.

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