Food To Avoid In Summer
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Summers in Pakistan, especially in Karachi, is the most dreadful time for the majority. With the temperature rising rapidly, the summer season also tends to give birth to many diseases and illnesses like Malaria, Typhoid, Jaundice, and Dengue that may affect the immunity of the body.

Beating the heat is extremely crucial for each one of us to avoid falling sick in this sweltering heat. Moreover, it is essential to keep our stomachs fresh and light. In hot temperatures, our digestive system finds it hard to digest a heavy diet.

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To help you out a bit, we decided to jot down a few foods you should avoid this summer!

1. Red Meat

Food To Avoid In Summer
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Red meat like mutton, lamb, and beef are high in saturated fat, which raises blood cholesterol. Foods that are high in cholesterol could get higher the chance of heart diseases.

2. Fried Junk Food

Food To Avoid In Summer
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Summers or not, but fried junk food is always better if avoided. In summers, fried food makes the skin oilier, which would lead to skin problems such as pimples. Moreover, it also causes indigestion.

3. Spices

Food To Avoid In Summer
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Going easy on the spices is something you should forward to in the summer. Yes, spices add so much flavor to our food, but during the rising temperature, spices can severely affect your stomach. Spicy food can also make you dehydrated and extremely ill.

4. Hot Beverages 

Food To Avoid In Summer
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It’s pretty standard that most people cannot function without their morning cuppa. While this habit one can’t seem to get rid off, drinking a hot beverage during summer may increase body heat and cause dehydration.

5. Salty Snacks

Food To Avoid In Summer
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Before you go and grab a bunch of bags of your favorite salty crisps and snacks, think again. Eating salty foods would lead to water retention, which can also cause swelling and bloating, especially during summer.

6. Sauces

Food To Avoid In Summer
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Adding sauce to your meal can add more calories than you can imagine. Which means, the more calories you intake, the more sluggish and lazy you’d feel. Moreover, sauces that contain cheese can cause severe indigestion.

7. Processed Fruit Juices

Food To Avoid In Summer
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In hot summer days, one should steer clear of processed fruit juices as they contain loads of sugar. Most of the bottled juices barely contain natural fruit juice and are loaded with tons of sugary carb.

Can you avoid these seven foods in summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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