7 Delicious Kheer Recipes To Try This Eid 2021
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Eid is incomplete without desserts, and kheer is one of them. It is a tradition that never seems to die. The sweet and delicious delicacy is bound to make your eid morning. ISo if you are planning to make kheer this Eid, then take a look at these recipes, which will complete your eid morning and put you into a sugar rush.

1. Thandai Kheer

This recipe is full of sweetness with the benefits of nuts. With the goodness of rice, this thick creamy recipe is different from traditional kheer recipes and will be the star of your table.

2. Shahi Kheer

This traditional kheer recipe is not only easy to make but is also delicious and healthy.

3. Chawal Ki Kheer

This recipe is perfect for serving your guests and neighbors in the morning. Just pop some in the cute containers, cool them in the fridge, and they are ready to help.

4. Creamy No Cream Firni

Firni and eid go hand in hand. This delicious recipe by Rubi is a traditional style kheer which is found in the markets. But if you want to make some of your own, you know which recipe to follow.

5. Caramel Kheer Recipe

If this is your first time looking at the caramel kheer recipe, then trust us. We are in the same boat, which makes it worth trying at least once. This recipe could give you that extra boost of sweetness with the caramel. Also, the dry nuts glazed in butter will provide the perfect topping to the kheer.

6. Rabri Kheer Recipe

This Rabri kheer recipe is the perfect balance of kheer and Rabri with extra sweetness and gooeyness. Perfect for lunch awaits this recipe will get you some compliments from the guests.

7. Badami Kheer

All the effort put in this Badami kheer will be worth it. The mixture of almonds and milk gives the kheer a perfect thickness and taste.

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