Feeding a toddler is never an easy task. Plus, if your little one is a picky eater, then you might have a lot to worry about and stress out. For most parents, figuring out what your kids want to eat is a tricky science.  Imagine cooking different things and your child rejecting, and you end up tossing them in the trash.

If you’re serious about making your child eat his/her veggies, you need to try out these few smart tips to trick them into eating their vegetables! These tips are fun and super easy to do.  Some of them may even surprise you!

Moreover, the next time your little one throws a fit at the sight of carrots, peas, or beetroot, try these tricks out!

1. Bake them as a treat!

Image Source: Theplantbasedcatholic

When you’re planning on feeding them veggies, you can easily do so. Make a yummy mixture of chopped/sliced vegetables, mix them in some egg batter and bake them in the oven.

2. Add some butter or cream

Undoubtedly, toddlers love slimy and gooey foods. The next time you boil some potatoes, add some butter or cream to them with a dash of salt and pepper. You can also add cream cheese spread.

3. Hide veggies in meat 

Be sneaky. If you’re making chicken nuggets or meatballs, you can sneak in a few soft vegetables. All you have to do is boil or shred the vegetables, blend them with the meat, so the plants are not visible. And then, see the magic happen.

4. Make the plate/bowl look colorful

Kids are attracted to exciting things. Avoid giving them food in adult plates or bowls. Buy colorful, fun-looking bowls/plates they would get attracted to. Moreover, if they have a favorite cartoon/comic character, try to get your hands on its merchandise.

5. Cut out cool shapes

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Make the food look exciting. The goal should be to make sure your kids finish those veggies. At times, kids refuse to eat a meal because it seems boring or not appetizing at all. You can fun-shaped cookie cutters to carve vegetables or fruits.

6. Make a smoothie

Image Source: Eat Well

Smoothies can be a life-saver. If you’re a parent who enjoys a green smoothie, let your kid try it too. However, you can tweak the recipe a bit by adding honey or sweet that your kid would enjoy. For them, it would taste like juice.

7.  Add them to spaghetti

Kids love spaghetti because it’s messy and fun to it. So, preparing spaghetti should be super easy. You can easily make meatballs using vegetables and toss them in spaghetti! You kids won’t even notice it.

What do you think about these tips and tricks? How do you trick your toddlers into eating vegetables and fruits? Let us know in the comments below.

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