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You occasionally find yourself in a jam. Your automobile breaks down, but you’re short on time and money. All of us have been there. Even though facing reality is never enjoyable, sometimes getting by requires only a little creative problem-solving. If you employ these 7 practical vehicle hacks, your car problems won’t continue forever. Look at them down below!

  1. DIY car mats

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Car mats lose their effectiveness over time. This is especially true if you have a busy family and have had a car for a long time. Here’s a quick tip for cleaning your automobile before the dirt accumulation pushes you over the brink. Throw away your old vehicle mats and get some carpet remnants from your neighborhood home improvement store.

  1. Sheets for unwanted odor

Purchasing an air freshener is never a guarantee. Some scarcely register, while others have an overpowering odor. But what you actually need is something that works. a remedy that will quickly remove the smell from your car.

  1. Paper towel holder

This auto hack will be useful whenever there is an unexpected spill or juice box explosion in the rear. A simple bungee cable and a roll of paper towels are all you need. And there it is—a homemade paper towel holder for your automobile.

  1. Finding lost items in your car

Every motorist has felt the anguish of losing their phone in the little space between the seat and center console. Try out this brilliant auto hack using foam pipe insulation and a pair of scissors to prevent tragedy from happening again. Fit the insulation between your seat and the console by cutting it to the proper size.

  1. Perfecting your parking with a tennis ball

It might be challenging to park your automobile in a garage, especially if you don’t have much room. The area designated for automobiles may quickly become a full-fledged obstacle course thanks to storage bins, bikes, and kids’ toys. The precision of parking can be improved by suspending a tennis ball from the ceiling to prevent future dents or scratches.

  1. Check your tire quality with a coin

This vehicle hack can let you determine whether your tires are still in excellent condition. Take a cent out of your change jar first. Second, insert the coin with Abraham Lincoln’s head facing the wrong way into a tire tread. You need new tires if you can still see his head. You have time if his forehead is covered.

  1. Repair a cracked window with polish and a nail

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Use this vehicle trick to stop your cracked glass from becoming worse when you’re short on funds and can’t get to the shop quickly enough. Just a bottle of transparent acrylic nail paint will do. Although it seems absurd, it always works.

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